Just Tommy Wants to Know, “What Would You Do?”

Flooding our speakers with relatable themes is Tempe-based singer-songwriter and thought-provoking recording artist Just Tommy with his new single, "What Would You Do?"

We've become a huge fan of Just Tommy's stylings over the years, and his catchy tunes with profound meanings never fail to get to us. He's known for bringing personal matters to the stage that anyone can relate to, especially in the busy and chaotic modern world.

This time around, Just Tommy packs an anxiety-fuelled punch with his new single, "What Would You Do?" The song's music video expands on that theme further, where Tommy becomes toxically obsessed with a car. The video represents the things we attach ourselves to, and the song is "the embodiment of my relationship with anxiety," says Just Tommy.

Produced by Chuck Alkazian, "What Would You Do?" kicks off with an upbeat 80s synthpop vibe that pummels our speakers with energy. As Just Tommy takes the stage, he expands on the desire he felt for someone (or something) that changed his life. The atmosphere is exhilarating, and Just Tommy's vocals are the cherry on top of this relatable spiral of a song.

The music video produced by Cheyanne and Chloe from C&C Productions takes the song's theme one step further. While falling head over heels for a car and obsessing a little too much, Just Tommy builds this oddly toxic relationship and feels the need to hit the road 24/7. When he ends up locking himself out, he's left picking up the pieces of what he got himself into.

There's so much to take away from Just Tommy's new single and music video, "What Would You Do?" Find the song on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Just Tommy. We genuinely appreciate the relatable concept within your new single, "What Would You Do"? Did recurring anxious moments inspire this song? What led you to create it?

Thanks for having me back! The single is rooted in anxious moments in my life. The concept of the single is about my relationship with my anxiety. There's a push/pull dynamic that I wanted to talk about. The funny thing is I didn't set out to engineer the song to have the message that it does. For me, it's all about submitting and letting the content flow, as opposed to trying to control the content. When the process was complete, I had this rad single that just needed a video.

What was it like working with Cheyanne and Chloe from C&C Productions for the "What Would You Do?" music video? How did they help bring your ideas to life?

Working with C&C Productions on the music video was amazing! Chloe & Cheyanne are invaluable members of "Team JUST TOMMY." We had a pre-planning call where I walked them through the concept of the single and some very fragmented ideas. What's great about the way we work together is they took my ideas and interpreted them into a story for the video, which was still in the same realm but allowed us to tell it in a slightly different way from the single.

What inspired the car's symbolism in the music video for "What Would You Do?" What does it represent?

The car in the video is the physical representation of my anxiety. I have a sliding scale of like 1 to 10 for my anxiety. One is nervous energy, and 10 is the panic monster mode. I can handle a 1 - nervous energy is where I draw most of my creativity from. Ten, on the other hand...that's no bueno. The car represents that progression as the story unfolds in the video.

What do you want the listener to think or reflect on after hearing "What Would You Do"? What themes do you hope they take away?

For people listening to the single or watching the video, my goal is for you to just experience it. Let your mind go where it wants to go and take from it what you will, and give it the theme that's relevant to you.

What's next for you?

I'm glad you asked! My team and I have heaps of stuff in the works right now - I'm about to shoot the music video for my upcoming single "Best Friend" with C&C Productions. I just finished putting my wardrobe together for it last night! The video & single release is on July 8th, with the Exclusive Premiere on Rock at Night Magazine (rockatnight.com) on July 7th. I'm also working on getting live show dates booked in Phoenix for the July/August timeframe and Florida in September/October. I just upgraded my live show from a solo set to include a live drummer. This is exciting for me because I want to be able to feature local musicians from the places I go to. It helps keep overhead costs down, but the primary idea behind this strategy is to play live with different musicians. To me - that's exciting!