Justin Golden Keeps His Style Vivid In The Relaxing Hit, “Talking”

Justin Golden origins are deeply vested in the blues. He’s always felt most connected to this genre due to his southern esque background. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 19 and everything just musically and naturally flowed through him. With an extremely diverse musical palette, Golden aims to bring some new ideas to traditional blues forms.

So we took a listen to Justin Golden’s new single titled “Talking” and it was everything we needed and more! The blues in this record had its way of creating this southern and soulful rhythmically vibe that you can’t help but fall in love with. I loved the representation of different blues instruments in the record because it was able to highlight the artistry in Justin Golden and bring out his style significantly more. Justin’s voice floats effortlessly across the track with a smooth-sailing fusion of both. Justin Golden keeps this relaxed style to his singing, not adding too much pressure but still showcasing his high skill set and talent as an artist. “Talking” was a nice and smooth execution that really gave us an idea on who Justin Golden is. The delivery was flawless and the vibes were immaculate.

Listen to "Talking" here and get to know more about Justin Golden below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Justin Golden! Growing up, who would you consider some of your direct and main influences for your music and style?

Thank you so much! You know, I didn't really start playing until I was 19 or so.  As I have been growing as a musician, some of my biggest influences have been the old school blues greats - Taj Mahal, Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell, Blind Willie Johnson, Lonnie Johnson.

What has been the most challenging aspect for you so far as an artist? How do you overcome such obstacles?

I think it's been a real test of my patience and focus.  Being creative is a very difficult and long process for me.  When I have burst of creativity and get a song done quickly, I immediately want to share it and get it out in the world.  I've had to learn that things take time to get right and if I want to put my best foot forward, I need to exercise some restraint. I have been trying to overcome my creativity issues by just finding time each week to try something new with my instruments.

We loved “Talking”. What was the main inspiration behind these lyrics?

I'm so glad to hear that! The lyrics are inspired by that real life experience of a friendship that could be something more. you know, when you're not sure if romance is blooming, but that person stays on your mind.  

In what ways does “Talking” represent Justin Golden?

"Talking" in my re-entry into the Blues world.  I love playing blues music but I challenge myself to find ways to bring new ideas to what people consider The Blues.  I think "Talking" has kind of a classic sound, but it definitely doesn't have a Tradition blues structure or form.  It's me just trying to find where I fit into this scene.

What can we expect from you this fall? Any exciting upcoming releases?

I will be releasing a full-length album sometime this Fall! I'm in the studio now trying to get it done, between gigs and tours.  I can't wait to get this thing into the universe. 


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