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Justin Mattock Helps Us Turn Our "Sweet Dreams," Into Reality

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter and pop-rock artist Justin Mattock releases a dreamy and uplifting tune with his recent single, "Sweet Dreams."

After working with various pop-rock groups across Vancouver, Justin Mattock decided to venture into a solo career to pursue his artistic dreams. Now creating uplifting and heartfelt pop, country, and alternative, Justin Mattock traded in his black skinny jeans for blue denim in honor of his new and improved pop, rock, and country sound.

On track to release a 5-track EP, Justin Mattock gives us a taste of the project with its second lead single, "Sweet Dreams." The single is more than refreshing; it offers a dreamy take on parting ways with someone in hopes that they reach their dreams wherever they end up. We adore the pop-country feel of this single, as it brings us all the heart and soul we desire.

Hitting play on "Sweet Dreams," the song opens with a distant and hazy electric guitar alongside a bright piano melody and Justin Mattock's passionate vocal portrayal. As he begins to expand on an ex-lover and their past relationship, Mattock encourages them to do what they have to do in order to create the life they dream of.

We adore the inspirational feel of this single, as Justin Mattock leaves us feeling ready to seize the day and get that much closer to the dreams that keep us going. As he grooves his way to the bright outro alongside his pop-country instrumentals, Justin Mattock closes the song on a refreshing note of acceptance.

Make those "Sweet Dreams" a reality with Justin Mattock's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Justin Mattock. We love the honest and passionate performance you've delivered in your latest single, "Sweet Dreams." What situation or experience inspired you to create this single?

Thank you! It’s kind of tough to put an exact pinpoint on what this one was about - I’d say it’s a few different experiences/situations all put together to form one song or story. There was a specific experience that kicked off the idea to write it, but I pulled ideas from situations my friends were going through as well. The main take of the song is being with someone and having your life all planned out than getting the rug pulled out from under you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye in the end, but you’re still wishing the best for the person

in whatever they’re pursuing.

Was it difficult to write such accepting and down-to-earth lyrics for "Sweet Dreams?" Or was this process rather easy for you?

This one came very naturally to me, it was definitely one of the “easier” songs to craft if that’s the correct word for it. I started writing it pretty much exactly a year ago right after a relationship that never really caught its legs and was cut short due to the pandemic. There wasn’t anyone to blame for it, but it still hit me a bit harder than expected and that’s where the song came from. I wanted to write something that said “Hey, this really sucks but I hope you do well in whatever is next for you”. When I had all the main parts written, I brought in the elements of a longer-term relationship and an idea of where someone would have moved away to pursue another life. During the writing process, I broke up the verses and choruses into past vs. present. I thought it brought a good dynamic to the song where the verses are very reminiscent of the past and the chorus is what was being felt in the present. Originally the verses were supposed to be switched (verse 1 was 2, and 2 was 1), but the producers switched them and it brought the whole song together. I thought the very last line

of the song gives it the closure and acceptance a track like this needed.

What atmosphere or vibe did you want to offer with the instrumentals and production in "Sweet Dreams?"

This part of the song is actually really cool. I brought a demo to my producers (Dan Botch & Garrett Ward of The Renaissance Music), and they took it in a whole different direction. It originally started as a country-rock song, but I came to the studio to listen to their version and instantly loved it. The instrumental part of the song brought in elements of country, rock, indie, and alternative music which I really liked. We have everything from heavy palm-muted guitars to banjos to synth bells in this one. It actually made it really tough to pitch what genre this was, but I think that’s a really unique thing to have with a song.

Why did you choose to release "Sweet Dreams" as a lead single prior to your forthcoming 5-track EP? How does this single prepare us for what's to come?

"Sweet Dreams" was originally supposed to be the third single for the 5-track EP. I have another track fully produced and ready to release but ran into some problems with the music video production, so I decided to hold off on that one. I was supposed to release the second

single in mid-July, but since that got pushed to September I felt this one was much more of an “end-of-summer” type of track. It’s quite nostalgic sounding and that’s always the feeling I get when summer is coming to an end. Another thing that was nice about releasing this song second is that it wouldn’t put me in that hole of just being a country artist. The original track I was supposed to release was quite country-heavy, and with the debut I had I feel it would’ve really trapped me in just that genre. As for preparing the audience for what’s next, the EP will be pulling in elements from a ton of different genres and hopefully have something for everyone within those 5 tracks. Expect a good party song and possibly a ballad.

What's next for you?

Hopefully a lot! I’m heading into the studio in mid-October to finish off the last 2 tracks of the EP. We’re planning to have those wrapped up by December and possibly have another single out by January or February. If I can find the time, I wouldn’t mind releasing an acoustic version of one of the singles as well as a nice holiday song around Christmas. If everything goes as planned I’m planning on hitting the stage for live shows starting April of 2022.

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