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Justin Neil Sweetens Our Speakers With His Country Ballad, "You and I"

Coming in from Austin, TX, the Country artist and Singer-Songwriter Justin Neil sweeps us off our feet with a heartfelt release entitled "You and I."

Passionate about writing songs that tell the honest truth, Justin Neil brings listeners into nothing but a reality with his thorough lyricism, depicting the highs and lows of our journey. Holding pride in his self-written music, Justin Neil is proving himself to be an artist to keep track of.

With the release of his recent single, "You and I," Justin Neil keeps us entirely engaged in his descriptive and passionate lyricism, bringing us into a reminiscent story of a past lover he wishes was by his side. While soaking the atmosphere with passion through his radiant instrumentals, Justin Neil portrays an incredibly fun-loving feel with each sonic and lyrical aspect.

Listening to "You and I," the piece opens with twangy and layered electric guitars humming us into an upbeat and beaming atmosphere. As Justin Neil begins singing his poetic and passionate lyricism regarding being awestruck by someone's ways, he lifts us into an ethereal space through his warm embrace of a performance.

Justin Neil's vocals are incredibly tender and ear-pleasing, as he obtains a natural charismatic flair that swoons any listener into his smooth and spirited stylings. We're just as impressed with the song's dynamic instrumentals, as we're met with various shifts, transitions, and breakdowns that keep us engaged in the refreshing country feel.

Find Justin Neil's fourth released single, "You and I," on all digital streaming platforms. Keep an eye on the singer-songwriter and country artist as he takes 2021 by the horns.

Hello Justin and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the heartfelt emotion and passion you've brought with your single "You and I." What inspired you to create this piece?

I was inspired by loneliness and the longingness for someone.

Seeing as you wrote "You and I" by yourself, what did your songwriting process look like when finding the right lyrics that fit how you felt? Was it an easy process?

The melody and chorus came first, and everything seemed to fall into place after completing those. This song was an easy process because the words seemed to occupy my thoughts daily until they were written down.

Did you work with any other musicians or producers when creating the instrumentals and sonics for "You and I?"

P.T. Houston and his team at Off The Row Studio, in addition to my close friend Justin Langston.

Now that you have four released singles, should we expect any bigger projects to come in the future?

Absolutely. I'm working to release another single sometime this year.

What message do you hope your listeners take away from you and your music?

Be true to yourself and to others. Kindness and perseverance will always prevail despite any hatred that's thrown your way.



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