Justine Lynn’s Self-Titled Ep Is out Now and We Can't Get Enough of It

Fueled by her passionate love for music and the art form, Justine Lynn is a soulful Canadian singer/songwriter from Vancouver. A legendary performer, Justine Lynn solidified her place in country music after receiving a Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Music. Although Justine has won several awards and vocal competitions, she lists her greatest accomplishment as being part of an established choir that was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

With an energetic live performance and a soulful sound that bleeds through the speakers, Justine Lynn is the one to watch going into 2020 after the successful release of her EP this year. The self-titled 4-track project was kicked off with the release of Justine’s incredible single “Back to The Highway” at the end of March 2019.

Along with gaining a massive amount of streams on various platforms, Justine also released a beautiful acoustic rendition of the song as well as a video detailing the story behind the song on her Youtube channel. The second single from the EP “Pour It To Me Straight” notably hit the top 100 on radio stations across Canada proving Justine’s talents even further. The EP is out now and available on all major streaming platforms and be sure to stay connected with Justine Lynn as she prepares to release a "Joy To the World" Christmas cover November 15! 

Listen to Justine's music here


Welcome back, Justine Lynn! It’s a pleasure to be catching up with you. Your EP is incredible! What reaction have you received since it’s release in May? 

Thank you so much, I REALLY appreciate that! It has been such a wonderful couple of months. While I had hoped that the EP would do well, you never really know if people are going to enjoy it or not. So far, the support from radio and streaming services has been so wonderful and I am so grateful to everyone that has listened to any of my songs! This was my first release to the industry and I hope people got to learn a little more about me through my music!

Why did you ultimately choose to release the song “Back to The Highway” to gain traction for the EP? 

"Back to the Highway" was the first single to release, as I felt it had such an uplifting feel to it. To me, this song makes me want to jump in the car, roll down the windows and enjoy life. I wanted the first single to be upbeat and one that might make people stop and think, "well this is a fun song".

“Get Back Up Again” is so powerful and uplifting! What inspired this song? What feelings do you hope wash over your listeners when they hear it? 

WOW! Thank you for this! While all the songs are special, this one even more so to me. When I originally wrote this song with Anthony Fiddler, I was writing it for me. We live in a world that is filled with so many wonderful things to do and see, while at the same time trying to be the best we can be. We are all trying to be the best friend, student, employee, partner, musician and sometimes it's hard to be all these things and something falls flat. I wrote this song with Anthony surrounding the idea that it's okay. Things are going to fall and you are going to get knocked down, but just get back onto that horse. I hope listeners feel a sense of relief in a way knowing that we all have these moments.

How did the overall production for this EP go? Did it come out how you initially imagined? 

Initially, I sat down with the producer Anthony Fiddler from Fiddler productions to review song selection. This portion of the project was very important to me, as this was the first release I wanted the songs to be a reflection of who I am and the artist I want to be. Once we had selected the songs, I LOVE the process of seeing how a song takes shape and forms when adding additional musicians, instrumentation and the end result of Anthony and I working together. It is an AMAZING process and it turned out better than I had imagined!

How does your hometown influence who you are as an artist? Do you feel like you will fully be able to thrive there? 

Having been born and raised in South Africa and now living my later life in Vancouver, I feel I have perspective and life experience to pull from in my music from different areas of the world. The style of music in South Africa also influenced my musicality and voice that I love! Now in Vancouver, there is a community of musicians and artists in Country music that I am so happy to be apart of. With that being said, I cannot wait to meet other artists from around North America and the world to learn and grow from.

Thanks for chatting with us! We love hearing new music from you. What can you tell us about your upcoming cover of “Joy To The World”? Can we expect a country flair?

Thank you so much for chatting with me again and selecting me, I love being apart of the BuzzMusic family! "Joy to the World" is a cover of the original holiday classic. You can most definitely expect a country flair and we have added in some traditional choral music as well, an amazing blend! It is fun and upbeat and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it!