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Juvee The Goat Is Making Noise With His Latest Banger, "Blow Up"

Raised in the tough streets of South Memphis, Tennessee, independent artist Juvee The Goat infuses his inspirations in his Trap style and storytelling element of his performance.

Boisterous energy flows heavily in Juvee The Goat’s most recent release, “Blow Up.”

Taking the instrumental canvas that pumps weighty bass components over a mesmerizing beat structure, you’re pulled into the vibrant flow of “Blow Up” from the moment the song begins. There is no doubt about it, Juvee The Goat executes his pressing rhyme schemes in a compelling wave of appeal and unhinged swagger.

In the hard-hitting tempo that is dressed with icy cadences, Juvee The Goat flexes his exclusive artistic drip as he raps with a purpose. We hear the immersive messaging as Juvee The Goat fluently speaks on the energy he displays through his everyday life.

Complementing the undeniable panache that he executes in the contemporary finesse of the genre of Hip-hop, we’re fully invested in the winding paths this track takes in order to reach its final destination of pure assertiveness. Juvee The Goat seasons his intangible songwriting methods with witty quips that have you enduring eureka moments throughout the robust piece.

He sonically emits the pep in his step as he embodies an authentic persona seeping in confident effervescence. “Blow Up” has Juvee The Goat on the brink of a breakthrough that practically implodes on impact.

Congratulations on the release of, “Blow Up.” In your own words, what is the meaning behind this track? What are you hoping listeners take away from it?

"Blow Up" is a correlation of cooking up a dope song in the studio(lab) and cooking up some dope in a dope lab. I hope the listeners appreciate the lyrics and world play.

Who are you musically inspired by? How do you allow their influence to speak into your music?

Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson were my musical inspirations and they speak through my music with the harmonies and melodies I come up with.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative/recording process that you went through to get the desired sound we hear on, “Blow Up”?

When I first heard the beat I started coming up with the melodies in my head and recorded the first thing that come to my mind. After getting a flow pattern down I started my writing process, and I recorded myself so I take my time with each line.

What is your ideal environment to create in? Do you have a list of the top 3 things that you need to fully get into your creative headspace?

I record in my home studio. I definitely need god strong weed, liquor, and a jug of water.

What can we expect to see next?

I have a ton of unreleased music and I plan to release one video and four songs each month this year.



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