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Juwan Rohan Brings Back A Familiar Sound In The 2000 Hip-Hop Movement With Track “Movies"

Juwan Rohan is a rap artist that is focused on using his platform in order to inspire his listeners.

We’re here for it completely. We get such a raw and intense element of authenticity in Juwan's music, and we immediately knew we wanted to feature this artist upon listening. Music is Juwan's sense of self-therapy, and we appreciate the truth he puts out in his music. We feel connected to Juwan's music, and we know you guys will, too, once you give it a listen. 

The introduction to “Movies” is captivating. Immediately when Juwan begins to rap, we get a heavy Kendrick Lamar element from the track. Juwan Rohan invests his raw emotion into this track; you can not only hear this when listening, you can feel it in the beat of your heart. This is the kind of track you need to play on full volume, nothing less.

This is the type of track that seriously makes your heart feel like it’s going to beat out with the intensity of the bass. One thing you BuzzMusic listeners will notice right away is the unique vocalism ofJuwan—undoubtedly the most obvious thing to us here at BuzzMusic.

If you listen to actually hear the lyricism, you’ll catch how raw this narrative is. Behind the underlying beat and catchy synths, Juwan expresses real and completely raw emotion. We can’t ask for anything more than that—exactly what we want and need from a true rap artist. 

Feel free to listen to Juwan Rohan’s latest track, “Movies,” here.

Feel free to introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Juwan Rohan, and Im an artist who tells stories through music. My style is similar to that of J. Cole, Kendrick, and NAS. I give you the real; I explain the struggle and how to overcome it. And of course, I got those party/club records, but most of my catalogue contains Storytelling music that relates to the people. Such songs as Dear School Shooter, Hypocrite, and Cor have become fan favorites and have really shown how deep I’m willing to go into song writing and cover multiple perspectives on many issues. 

As a hip-hop artist, what underlying element do you believe is always present in your music?

I believe truth and pain are always present in my music. I’ll always give you what i believe to be true, and I’ll also express some type of hurt or emotion in my music, and that’s why listeners enjoy my music.

We know how involved you are in presenting raw and true emotion in your tracks. Can you explain how you go about applying your most personal experiences to the end product of your music?

Music started as a voice for me in the beginning. It was a way for me to vent without opening up to people. Now it’s more than that. It’s a way to vent, but SHARE my emotions and expressions in hopes to find listeners who relate and can share their story and not feel alone. You know that music that makes you feel like you’re not alone... that’s the music I want to make. 

If you could give one piece of advice to other independent rap/hip-hop artists out there just starting out, what would you say?

Don’t follow the trends, but instead learn and master your own craft and turn it into a trend. Be real to yourself because no matter how successful you become, you’ll never be truly happy if what you’re doing isn’t for yourself! 

Can you tell us about any upcoming tracks in the rest of 2019?

Ooh yes! I’m working on a full album right now, and it’s literally based on my emotions. It’s a spectrum of emotions I’ve been experiencing lately, so you may get angry in one track and 100% love in another track. Hate/jealousy in one and resentment in another. This album will be an emotional rollercoaster so I hope you’re down to ride.

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