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JWill Has Lyrical Flow That Is Unmatchable In His Hit Track “No Mercy”

JWill is a singer, writer and rapper from Houston, Texas who strives to lift his listeners spirits and first started writing and producing music at the age of 16 with nothing standing in his way and slowing him down. Aiming to write about changing the world along with tackling government ternary, JWill “believes that through the power of unity and love we can make this world a better place”.

I love that “No Mercy” starts off with a voicemail, it really grabs the listener and gives them a personal look at the artist. JWill uses a technique of mixing singing and rapping to distinguish between verse and chorus which really gives “No Mercy” depth. The tone of the vocals during the choral parts has such beauty when hitting the higher notes that reminds me of the style that artists like Usher and Chris Brown have used. The higher vocals mixed with the clarity of the rap sections with lyrics that JWill spits out with ease and talent, but in my opinion with the collection of words that are so wonderfully written he gave himself that chance to really showcase the amount of talent that he is capable of. The beats that can be found in “No Mercy” are smooth, well blended and accompany the lyrics gorgeously to increase the intensity of the delivery. If you are looking for a rap song that is changing the way modern rap has been presented, and that is going to uplift you and get your head bobbing, then “No Mercy” is the perfect track for you.

Listen to "No Mercy" here!

Hey JWill! Wonderful to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Well I’m single... lol.  I'm 23 years old and right now I stay in Houston. I’m from a little town called Coldspring, TX I basically grew up there.  My mom and I moved around a lot and we never stayed in one place for too long.   

What was your first introduction to music and did you know that this was your calling at that moment?

Hmm.. probably in my grandpas church.  He was a pastor and so he always wanted me to sing up there.  It felt good moving the crowds and so at about 13 i started writing my own stuff.  I think I knew it was my calling when I mastered rapping, because I never really enjoyed until recently.

Tell us what inspired you to write “No Mercy”.

No mercy was inspired by my struggle and Marow the producers beat man. The beat was so smooth I just knew I’d kill it! 

How did you find your unique and uplifting sound?

Definitely through a lot of throw-aways and having a studio at home.  I learned I didn’t want to be part of a crowd talking bout guns and drugs when I wasn’t about that life at all.  I stayed true to myself and that’s how I found my sound.

Can we expect to see anything from you in 2019?

Ohhhhh yes absolutely.  My grind never stops I’ve got songs lined up 


Connect with JWill on social media:

Twitter: @_jwillmusic


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