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K Charles Released His Single Titled “GeorgeTown”

“My goals for the music industry is to amass a healthy and respectable catalog which will have generations vibin forever.” “I do music because I am passionate about it and I think this could ultimately change my life and the people around me.”

These are the words from the next rising hip hop superstar sensation out of Miami, Florida, K Charles. His style reminds you of the 90’s retro with a refreshing sound that floats over any beat. Some of K Charles major influences includes Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, Sampha, and Wiz. K Charles current single “Georgetown” is a very hypnotic and colorful track that has caught the eyes of the Rolling Stone founders in which includes Zingler and Tariq Cheriff. This led to K Charles being invited to perform in front of thousands of people at the Rolling Loud Miami Edition.

We listened to “GeorgeTown” and it was a dope, saucy song that brought together elements of lush trap and rugged pop. K Charles is a rapper who delivers his aura through his music. “Georgetown” has this booming beat in which you find yourself head-bopping alongside the rhythm. The cadence of “Georgetown” was arranged perfectly for the song to be transported in the correct way. “GeorgeTown” is also ditty and dance-able which makes it a perfect single to be used at any local party you wanted to throw. The bass is just so slapping that it’s one of those “get turnt” too records. The energy in “Georgetown” was eclectic and euphoric and we loved that quality about it most. With a golden and fluid flow, K Charles delivered the lyrics with a clean-slated projection. The high-sounding and honeyed track is improvised alongside addictive. We can’t help but thank K Charles for giving us this jaunty hip-hop jam that doesn’t emphasize on the stereotypes of rap music, but instead creates his own definition of it!

Listen to "Georgetown" here and get to know more about K. Charles below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome these challenges?

he hardest challenge I've faced in my career was putting together a team that could help me push my brand. I overcame this challenge by collaborating with Fway Entertainment a talent management company based out of Miami.

Tell us about “GeorgeTown” and the meaning behind it?

The meaning behind Georgetown was crazy yet simple. One day i was in the studio finally recording a record I had written almost two months ago to this beat by this producer called Thatboyslim. When i finally end up finishing the record i never thought of a song title, so my engineer asked me what was i gonna call the record. I end up looking down at the shirt that i had on that day and it end up being a Georgetown Shirt.

What inspired you to write “GeorgeTown” ?

What inspired me to write Georgetown was Project X. One day i was sitting in the crib watching a marathon of movie than i stumbled on the movie and i was like how can i make a record just as lit as the movie. Then i wrote the hook while i was replaying the party scene

How does the title reflect the theme of the song?

The title reflect the theme of the song because of the vibe of college and the refreshing feeling of the track goes hand and hand. Perfectly matching the tempo of the youth.

What’s next for you?

I’m performing at this years rolling loud and aiming to drop a tape in June 


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