K-Crews Is Bringing Back Authentic Rap With “Donuts”

As a fan of the tough metaphors and raw artistry, when I listened to Ontario’s finest K-Crews, I was immediately turned into a fan. I indulged myself in his single titled “Donuts” featuring Saugasson, and this record was everything I’ve been recently looking for in a hip-hop song. An edgy production that shows elements of a light-hearted dark trap vibe with an intense punch yet delivered with a calm articulation. The witty bars and creative wordplay from K-Crews was something you just don’t hear often on the main market of hip-hop nowadays.

Not only was “Donuts” impacting me in a lyrical sense, But this single was also highly marketable due to the hyped energy you still attain from listening to this song. Who doesn’t love a good flex song that can get you hyped at the parties? K-Crews and Saugasson delivered us a hit! And it’s only right we keep it on replay. With a unique rap tone and individual style, K-Crews is the newcomer you need to be on the look-out for!

Discover K-Crews track "Donuts" here, and continue reading for more with K-Crews!

Welcome to BuzzMusic K-Crews! Mind telling our readers a bit about your background? How did you discover your specific love for rap music?

Crews: Thanks for tuning in, I discovered my specific love for rap music when I was about 6 years old, I found Michael Jackson, from there I found Akon, from there Slim Shady and it was a done deal once I heard Em. I fell in love with real rap/hip-hop; Em, Nas, Hov, Dre, the list goes on. Lyricism and word play is what really caught my ear, especially the way Eminem played around with syllables it was really eye-opening for me. 

Sauga: I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being a rapper but i really found my love for it in high school when I started making music with my cousin Rayshawn J. At that time i was beyond inspired by Drake and Eminem, hence why i try to be more lyrical and clever when i rhyme.

Who would you consider some of your early inspirations for your rap career and why?

Crews: My early inspirations would be Mac Miller, Eminem, Logic, Slaughterhouse, and Kendrick Lamar. Mac Miller the most because I liked his content as well as his persona on a track, he was able to level out many different vibes and that really drew my attention. Eminem because his lyrical capability was off the wall and I believe lyricism is a very big part of rap and hip-hop, the play on syllables is where I really started messing with Logic, and very similar ideas for Kendrick. 

Sauga: My early inspirations were Eminem, Drake & Kid Cudi. For Eminem his ability to create complex lyrics, and just overall unparalleled rap abilities at the time were something I respected in high regard. Drake has always had the talent for telling stories in his music, you listen to Drake and you can picture everything he says to the point where it’s almost like we know him personally. Scott Mescudi got me through some dark times, i think it’s widely recognized that he is an icon for those with depression and other mental battles.

You’re bringing back real rap and bars! Many rappers usually don’t take the time to perfect their songwriting. What’s the K-Crews tip to writing a perfect song?

Crews: That’s the movement, rappers don’t take time writing and that’s why all the music you hear nowadays all sounds the same, money this, drugs that, women, fancy clothes, all that is whack. A perfect song comes from properly identifying key parts of the beat, the hooks, the drops, the bridges, etc. You need to be able to feel the flow of the beat, not just find some dope words and throw them on any instrumental, when I write I am analyzing the beat down to the very last syllable which is why I’m able to manipulate my lyrics to match the beat.

Sauga: jeez thank you that means a lot it really does. I’m aiming to do just that and i will continues to grow to the best of my capabilities and strive for nothing less than greatness. I wouldn’t say there is any one way or path to perfect songwriting, however i would say take your time with it if need be there is no need to rush the lyrics and miss certain errors you easily could’ve picked up on. 

What was the vibe you were aiming for in “Donuts”? 

Crews: Once I got the hook down for donuts, the flow I had decided on was heavy so I knew I had to kill the verse, I wanted it to be the hardest verse I have ever spit, so once I got up to writing the last sequence of my verse, I looped the beat over the last 20 seconds or whatever it was, I spent 35 minutes on just that small amount of the verse, worked it down to every last syllable just so I could execute the word play to perfection and I think it did end up being one of my hardest verses to this day.

Sauga: the vibe i was aiming for was to give a little taste of music to come in the way i rhyme and how i play with the words, whilst depicting some current things that are happening in my life at the moment that have brought me great joy.

What’s next for you K-Crews?

Crews: Next for me, lots of videos, got 6 on the way, also in the process of developing an 11-track LP as well as the commencement of my first official album for my Spotify debut...stay tuned cuz you won’t wanna miss a thing, heavy movements on the way, coming soon.

Sauga: Next for me would be my upcoming album, then working on my next album. I also have 3 shows coming up along with some new collabs and more visuals! Just wait on it I don’t wanna get into too many details lol!

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