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K.P Killaprince Tells Our Readers Who They Are With “Stay Strong”

They come from the mean streets of South Carolina, pushing for their dreams and tries to remain positive, refusing to settle for less and never giving up. K.P Killaprince released the single “Stay Strong” featuring Kashly Lyles & Crown Royal.

“Stay Strong” is an inspiring record that seems to be a personal reflection of the artists story and lifestyle. They channel their personal life experiences into their songwriting with a passionate delivery and strong vocal articulation in the hook. “We gonna make it” is the highlighting repetitive hook that expresses the theme of “Stay Strong”. We loved how raw the song was. Instead of rapping about the jewels, fast-life, and women, they rap about something they personally can relate too instead of fabricating an image people believe is the representation of hip-hop culture.  K.P Killaprince projects a specific authentic nature to their character that’s alluring and addictive. This uplifting project gives off themes of dedication, passion, and determination. Their flow was clean, and delivered with a strong punch of intensity. Turning lemons into lemonade seems to be the reflecting essence of “Stay Strong”. Their powerful lyrics and moving melodies are the core ingredients of a hit record.

Tune into K.P Killaprince's new track "Stay Strong" on Spotify, and don't forget to check out the artists interview with BuzzMusic below!



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