K. Scott Takes on Tory Lanez' "Stupid Again," With Conviction, and naming it "Nothing For Free"

If there's one thing that's indisputable about K. Scott, the Virginia-bred up-comer, it's that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

From growing up in a toxic household and being sent away to a Children's Home, to earning applause from Reason of Top Dawg Entertainment and being prospected as a signed artist, it's clear to see that there's something special about this budding self-made creative.

 It was only until the now El Paso-based versifier took matters into his own hands by doubled-down on his developing musical talents that his creative reign would blossom, even creating a moniker for his work as a producer, known as "Ratfooshi."

Now, collecting the touchstones of his Hip-hop influences and with meticulous attention to detail, K Scott emerges with his own bid at taking the Rap game by storm, delivering a remix of Tory Lanez' "Stupid Again," and titling it "Nothing For Free," reminding fans why he's the next to circumnavigate "up-and-up" in the Hip-hop scene. 

On "Nothing For Free," K. Scott lands with a concert cadence, versifying with an audacious tonality and the unfiltered flow of a veteran MC. He flashes and spills over his buzzing words with an intense focus on his dominion over his competition ("you know that I got your boy straight furious, no one could shine like I stunt, no one could touch me on point blank period").

As he flushes out any inquiry as to why he's the greatest, his hook comes in swinging like he's on his way to a cipher, but really it's a rap battle: "all of you rappers my sons and the sun at my feet that's how I'm running the heat, who you know movin' and coolin' and pullin' and doin' it fluently nobody fuck what you think!" He dispenses his adhesive runs with a predisposed sense of belligerency, coming off aggressive and never wavering from the fact that he will never sleep on his own greatness.

By the time the next verse comes, it's clear K. Scott isn't playing around, "we can't match, I been shootin' for the stars, you been shootin' for defeat/the feet Lil Tory ass nigga." He's taking jabs at the man who originally laid-waste over the instrumental he is now reformulating as his own. It's a testament to the confidence this young artist protrudes through each hard-landing line and every bouncy rhythm he diffuses his flow from. 

To say "Nothing For Free" comes from an artist who believes in himself would be an understatement. When fans hear the impassioned boom behind each punctuated line, like "I got energy power, callin' runnin' my data, everything I devour, never live to see after," to something as provocative as, "neo the sporin' I chill in the cut, she give me head with the bread and a kiss, I'm gettin' multiple stimulus fun," it's clear to see why the music scene is prepping for the rise of K. Scott. 

Listen to "Nothing For Free," here.

What made you want to take an instrumental from Tory Lanez and flip on it the way you did with "Nothing For Free"?

The beat was hard as f**k. I instantly heard shit over it. Normally I write my verses out but the majority of this song was off the top so it was easy.

Where did you find the confidence to perform with such intensity over "Nothing For Free"? Can you describe some of the emotions that influenced your verses? 

I think confidence comes with good delivery and that's something I work on every time I rap. I couldn't really hear me rapping without that intensity. This song wasn't too emotionally driven. Just me having fun with the craft.

Do you feel "Nothing For Free" left a resounding lesson with you regarding your mixing, mastering, and recording skills?

Well, every time I record, mix, and master a song, I might learn something from it. Nothing really resounding. I've been doing it for a minute and anything I've learned or improved on has been from all the small things I might hear. Over time, the practice makes the biggest difference.

If you could give your fans a few words that would act as the prologue to the experience and intent behind "Nothing For Free," what would you feel the need to say, and why?

Everything I would need to say is in the song for sure.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

To be honest, I haven't been too inspired this year. I try not to rely on inspiration to work on art because I would never drop anything. But I definitely take advantage of my ideas from hearing dope beats like "Nothing For Free," or any other ideas I have. What can you expect? I don't like talking about it, I'd rather just show you.