Kacey McClain Teams Up With Teddy Marquee to Showcase a Glimpse of Her Own Damn Paradise

Born and raised in Greenville, Texas, is Pop recording artist Kacey McClain, who has since become an LA transplant. Making real and honest Pop hits that are geared towards making people come to terms with the reality around them, Kacey McClain aims to bring the silver lining to life as often as possible with the music she casts out.

Wrapped in a breathtaking melodic expression of her truth, the recently released “My Own Damn Paradise (Teddy Marquee Paradise Remix)” highlights the prevailing breakthrough that Kacey McClain has experienced on her artistic journey thus far. Her angelic vocal tone is immersed in the confidence she carries from within herself as she professes an array of lyrical motifs that reflect on the queendom she resides in. Through the unapologetic nature of her persona, we hear a fortified dominance that reigns from Kacey McClain in both a mental and physical manner.

The way she takes us by the hand and leads us into this narrative is genuinely uncanny. With the propelling croons smoothly harmonizing to emphasize the framework of “My Own Damn Paradise,” the delicate instrumentation that lays as a sonic bed for Kacey McClain’s croons is equally intimate and triumphant. Teddy Marquee brings a liberating sense of victory as the task of becoming one’s self can sometimes be the most challenging battle to endure.

Taking what Kacey McClain has to say and building a destination that is fueled with bliss and courage, we wholeheartedly believe that Teddy Marquee has worked wonders through the magic he has brought to life. These two are an artistic match made in heaven, and we can’t wait to hear what both will be bringing us in the near future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kacey McClain! Congratulations on the release of "My Own Damn Paradise (Teddy Marquee Paradise Remix)." Both you and Teddy Marquee share such a beautiful dynamism that's brought to life in this single. So how did this collaboration come to be?

Well, First off, Thank you! I was introduced to Teddy by a music friend who thought he would be an excellent match to remix one of my songs. After a couple of conversations, I knew it was a good match for making this remix come to life!

Could you please share a glimpse into how the creative process of a remix may vary from the original version of the song? Do you find that Teddy Marquee brought your vision to life exactly how you pictured it?

Remix's Vary in the fact that you aren't writing a song from beginning to end. You are re-shaping it and letting whoever is your counterpart add their sound to your song and put whatever they hear into it! Teddy and I meshed well, and he brought my vision to life for the remix!

Let's touch on the meaning laced into this record. As the artist, what does this song mean to you?

This song is significant to me. I firmly believe that we need to love who we are and live our truth! This song embodies that, create your paradise and believe in yourself!

What are you hoping your audience can reflect on while digesting this sonic delicacy?

No matter the circumstance, if you believe in yourself and trust yourself, you can create a positive life for yourself and everyone you love!!

Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are working hard to become themselves but may be experiencing some roadblocks?

Persistence and Perseverance are key if you believe in your vision and you keep pushing onward. You are capable of anything! Be kind and be smart with your time and money.

What's next for you?

I'm preparing for my next release and working on my next music video, along with writing my first full album! I recently released my first merchandise line and launched a Patreon, so please check them out!! And a tour announcement might be coming soon!