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Kaci Brookz Releases A New Infectious Hit, “Contagious”

Kaci Brookz is a 15 years old singer/songwriter from South West London. He has been acting and performing on stage from a young age but has recently set his mind on making a name for himself in the music industry. He already has an established sound that shows originality with the genres of R&B and Afrobeat being incorporated into his music. His influences range from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Khalid, Chris Brown, John Legend and more.

Kaci Brookz released the infectious melodic hit titledContagious” and just like the title of the song, the energy is absolutely contagious!

This rhythmic dance tune, mixed together with the two elements of R&B and Afrobeat, gives us the impression of the exact artistry Kaci Brookz represents. Kaci Brookz individuality is displayed within the music.

The lyrics were super witty, showing off skilled songwriting that represented the meaning of whimsical and quirkiness. “Contagious” is a great song that many people will find themselves loving undeniably.

It’s one of those magnetic jams that you’re bound to begin dancing to whenever you hear it plays. From the moment “Contagious” starts to the moment “Contagious” ends, you’re grooving alongside the rhythmically driven record.

Kaci Brookz and his soaring melodies made “Contagious” a vocally well-delivered hit song, and we’re anticipating what’s next from this promising young artist.

Read more about Kaci Brookz here.

Hey Kaci! How has growing up performing on the stage benefitted your stage presence today?

Growing up on theatre stages and tv screens with older people definitely enhanced my stage presence from a young age, so when I made the switch to the music scene, I had a lot of the core skills needed to own the stage. I mean, there was a lot of room for improvement as I learnt in the coming months, but yes, the core skills were there.

How has the journey been for you so far as an artist?

I love it; it's everything I want to be doing. As I see it, the journey is only just beginning, and I am working on improving all aspects of myself as an artist at every opportunity. As I've learnt, this music thing is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. But luckily, my hobby is my grind, so all the hard work and 10-hour studio sessions are minor for me because it's what I want to be doing. But yes, the journey is just beginning.

In what ways do you try to elevate yourself from your previous release?

My aim for every song I create is to make it 10 times better than the last. This mentality causes me to be extremely picky when it comes to the end product of my tracks. Hopefully, you will also be able to see how my sound is becoming more defined and authentic, and I am excited to get it out there for everyone to hear. The music video for CONTAGIOUS is also a step-change from concept to production, fusing live-action and animation, and I am extremely proud of the finished product.

Let’s talk about “Contagious,” what is this song about?

CONTAGIOUS is basically about the feeling you get when you feel that attraction to a girl, and her vibe is just infectious. I like to call it 'when a girl is riding her own wave' and they stand out from the rest. Ultimately CONTAGIOUS is set to be the track that really gives people an understanding of my style, my vibe, and my music.

What’s next for you, Kaci Brookz?

Well, one of my favourite things at the moment is the amount of time that I get to spend making new music with my producers. So, all I can tell you is there are a lot of tracks that I've been working on since our last conversation. So you can expect some new music from Kaci Brookz as I try to really make a name for myself on the music scene.

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