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Kacy Fifield Examines the Difficult Post-Break Up Emotions on Newest Single “Confused”

Kacey Fifield is an award-winning singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles who inspires individuals with her empowering and kind singles that dive into emotions and obstacles that many can relate to. Being only 16, Fifield's previous singles have already been selected for various awards, performed at indie festivals, and top of the charts, which is remarkable.

Although she may be young, her new single "Confused" dives deeper into her inner passion as she struggles to understand her emotions. Using her ability to play the piano to enhance this single, Fifield has created an instrumental masterpiece that perfectly combines soft, sad energy with a growing and powerful vocal presence.

Each light, lyrical combination dives into an emotional journey in which Fifield is unsure of what the future might bring after she's cried away all of the tears. Each stricter piano beat enhances the track's movement, and it compliments each rolling melody.

Kacey's ability to instill hope within other listeners, young and old, is remarkable. Still, above that, her participation in a youth leadership committee and children's hospital aid makes her not just a great musician but an inspiring individual that children can look up to as they experience the difficult task of growing up.

Can you start by walking us through what the production process was like while writing and recording your single “Confused?"

Writing "Confused," I wanted to describe the struggles that various people, including myself, are facing during the currently overwhelming circumstances caused by the pandemic. The idea for the chorus first came to me while I was brushing my teeth! From there, I worked on the lyrics to the rest of the parts of the song and produced it with Robbie Rosen. I recorded it from the safety of my own home and am so grateful that I get to share this song with the world!

You mentioned that this single fits quite simply with current emotion pop singles like those of Olivia Rodrigo, do you have any other artists you feel your single fit with?

I definitely think that "Confused" is similar to a lot of Conan Gray songs in the way that it explores human emotions and speaks from a very personal point of view regarding struggles and experiences. I also see "Confused" relating to some songs by Taylor Swift, because she also sings about human struggles.

Since you have been releasing singles beginning at the young age of 10, how do you think your style and musical ability have evolved over the years and has there been anyone who has significantly contributed to that growth?

I have certainly seen myself improve vocally and overall as a songwriter! The subjects I sing about now are a bit different as I've grown a lot as a person these past few years. Ricardo Padua, my music producer, and Robbie Rosen, my vocal coach, both played large roles in my musical growth and I am extremely thankful to them for their support throughout my journey.

You mentioned you play piano and guitar, are there any other instruments you have been eager to try and why?

I would love to try playing the ukelele! I believe it is such a beautiful instrument that gives off such great vibes. Another instrument or a set of instruments that I am interested in are drums! I tried it once or twice and I loved how much power you can get from playing.

What can listeners expect next?

I am still writing as always! I actually have a very exciting, new song in the works that will come out later this Spring. Also, hoping for an EP later this year. Stay tuned!



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