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Kaesevyn Opens Up In ”Queen Alice”

Who is the magnificent Kaesevyn? Kaesevyn is a 22-year-old rapper who specializes in Hip-Hop & Rap music. With over 900 followers and subscribers across Instagram, BandLab, and Youtube, his content has over 5,000 total views since 2018.

Kaesevyn has been inspired to make music since 2014 when his father passed away, and only began releasing music in 2018. He released the single titled “Queen Alice” and what we loved most about this record was the lyrical message it gave. I liked how this song felt in a sense, dedicated to somebody. Therefore, while listening to “Queen Alice” I was able to personally relate the song to somebody else in my own specific life. The lyrics were so foretelling and relatable, you had that easy pathway to liberation and creative expression. The melodic background reminded me of a laid-back neo-soul type of vibe. It was subdued with lo-fi elements. Kind of like a more stylistic elevator bop. “Queen Alice's” biggest component is in fact, the lyricism that’s provided in the song. Many records have key features that may range from the beat to the vocals, but for me, in “Queen Alice” it was the lyrical arrangement. I loved how Kaesevyn essentially opened up about his inner thoughts and feelings in the songwriting. Thus giving us the idea that he’s a raw ordeal who isn’t afraid to shy away from vulnerability. Queen Alice was a nice offering that many fans of the classic hip-hop culture can digest easily.

Listen to "Queen Alice" here and get to know more about Kaesevyn below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kaesevyn! Mind telling our readers a bit about your upbringing and background? What inspired you to begin making music?

I was born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio. My childhood wasn’t the absolute best but, it wasn’t the absolute worst either. My biggest plight was that as a kid, I could never explain myself. I never got the opportunity to tell people what was on my mind or how I felt about certain things, because I was a kid and I “didn’t know any better”. I got my start in music around 2010 when I was 14 years old and my dad passed away. Kind of clowning around with my brother and some of his friends, they made silly raps and asked if I wanted to try, so I said why not. Few years later, I found that the more music I listened to, my taste in it began to grow. So I started writing more serious songs, really touching on topics and events that were important to my character, and people started listening to what I had to say. So, I figured that I needed to present myself as someone that could be relatable for everyone. A jack of all trades, if you will, so that anyone could listen to my music and find something in it. Whether it be happiness, sadness, anger or peace, I wanted to become the catalyst of hip hop for the people around me so that we all didn’t become cookie-cutter artists/musicians or stereotypes of a culture.

How would you describe your songwriting approach? Where do you find your inspiration for writing the perfect hit?

Normally what I do is I let my emotions drive the kind of song I want to make. Unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist by nature, so I’m always battling myself with doing something better than what I’ve already done. Other times, I get random creative spasms and just kinda let the juices flow. I’ll record a demo track and let 50 people listen to it, revise and re-record it 10 times before I land on something that I feel is great enough to let other people hear.

Let’s talk about this single “Queen Alice”. This song felt more personable to you. Was this record dedicated to anyone in your life?

Yes, the song is dedicated to my mother, hence the title. My mom has stage 5 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), which in short means that her kidneys are failing. I made this song for her as a gift for Mother’s Day and she in turn told me to post it. I was hesitant at first, but then she started showing the song to her friends and they started sharing it, and it just kind of took off. She’s still with me now, and just as strong as ever so everything I’m doing now is sort of dedicated to her.

What emotion did you channel in while writing “Queen Alice”? Do you think it translated well?

If it could be described as an emotion, pain. When I was younger, my mom dated this guy and for 5 years, we didn’t have a great relationship with each other. I grew to resent her and everything she did when she was with him. But in hindsight, now that things are way better between us, I feel guilty for getting so angry and frustrated back then with her. I realized that most of it wasn’t her fault, and that I was mad at the wrong person. So “Queen Alice” is basically my apology to her for my wrongs and misunderstandings about everything. Do I think it translated well? Honestly, no. But that’s because I like to write my songs in such a way so that listeners have to do a little detective work to figure out what I’m talking about. The more you think about what I’m saying, the harder it’s going to stick with you and stay in your head.

What’s next for you Kaesevyn?

Well, currently, I’m working on this album “Keep It Simple II” and working towards making a tour schedule. I want to focus on finishing this and pushing this as my foot into the industry and solidify my place for being here. I want to take it by storm and be different. I want to be an outlaw in the music world, without any gimmicks or props or personas. I just want to be who I am and let other people choose whether they love me or hate me for being me. Ironic, but, I don’t really care about the fame either. I guess I just want to be able to tell my story, whatever it is, however I see fit to tell it. So when the album does debut, I’ll put a name to the other project I have tucked away in my vault. 


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