Kahhe Showcases Dreamy Vocals And Haunting Aura With “Grain Of Sand”

Kahhe is an indie-pop singer/songwriter originally from Kansas City, now settled in London, England. You can expect to hear raw, passionate lyrics with haunting melodies focusing on the strength, brokenness, and tenderness of what it means to be human. Her debut album "Grain of Sand" is a concept album detailing the stages in which we heal from trauma. The songs hope to give you words for the swirling feelings in your brain and be an anchor in the daily mundane.

The title track from Kahhe’s spectacular debut album, “Grain of Sand” is an impressive and powerful ballad. When you consider music as a tool for escapism, “Grain Of Sand” has been perfectly well designed. It allows the listener to turn up the volume and feel completely immersed in this experience. Kahhe’s vocals hold weight and warmth and completely overtake, there’s a lightly uplifting intensity to the progression, and this envelops you fully. These various synths and colors rain down around you, feeling completely joyful yet considerate of greater depths at the same time. We love what Kahhe brings to the music industry and we can’t wait to hear more!

Check out “Grain of Sand” here and read more with Kahhe below!

Hi Kahhe! Welcome to BuzzMusic. What does your album “Grain Of Sand” mean to you personally?

I wrote the album in the midst of healing from a lot of difficult life events. I had ended some trying relationships, my father passed away after being sick for many years, and I felt generally just stuck in life. I started seeing a therapist to help with the grief and went through this journey of healing and processing life from an entirely new perspective. I think it’s incredibly important to talk openly about mental health, so I decided to write a record about my experiences. I wanted to document the process of healing from traumatic/abusive events in the ways that I experienced it. All the songs are connected lyrically and placed on the track listing with intention to tell this story. I hope people can find some solace and resilience within it.

Who or what first inspired you to create your own music, and what continues to inspire you to this day?

My dad was the first person to encourage me to sing and make music. Though he wasn’t a musician himself, he had a great singing voice and would write the most incredible poetry. He really taught me the value of words and would be the first one to give his thoughts on anything I wrote. Musically, I’ve been inspired a lot by boss ladies such as Lights and Kina Grannis. Watching their journeys as female musicians and songwriters has been truly incredible.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics within the single “Grain of Sand”?

This is probably the most emotional song on the album for me. It was written after I had ended a pretty tumultuous relationship and was struggling to find my voice and independence. I felt very emotionally raw and frail during that season and writing this song was my way of processing. You can hear the grief, resilience, and freedom all intermingled in every lyric and that’s honestly how I felt each day. Instead of just being angry about an unhealthy situation, I wanted to create beauty from it. Because the album ended up becoming a larger story about the different ways in which we grieve and grow, it just made sense for this to not only be the title of the whole record, but also the final track and the first song released. Life is very cyclical and I think the song reflects that.

What do you think makes a piece of music really connect with its audience?

People will always resonate with authenticity and a good melody. I also always look for music that you can listen to over and over again and still find new twists on lyrics or layers of production.

What’s next for you?

I’m moving all the way from Kansas City to London! The London music scene is incredible and I am so excited to be a part of it! You will see some UK show dates fairly soon on my social media. I’ll also be releasing the full stories behind the lyrics of each song and how they connect together so that people can get a closer look at the crazy, wonderful, exhilarating journey that’s inspired the record.

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