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Kaice Releases The Beautiful Record “A Escondidas”

Kaice was born in the city of Santiago de cali, Colombia. He got involved in music from the age of 10 years old, and learned how to play the piano as his early footing. Music has always been a part of his family, and his mother played the guitar, and took him to majority of his lessons. Kaice wrote his first song at the early age of 18 years old. What inspires him to write music is the situations of people’s daily life, which include love, broken heart, parties, breakups etc. also by listening to other music, in which involves different genres, and music from different countries. Although his main focus of music is reggaeton, he likes to focus on other styles which include, Hip-Hop/Trap, Dancehall, R&B, and more. This is what makes him different from every other artist, who wants to stand out in the music industry.

Kaice released a BEAUTIFUL and riveting single titled “A Escondidas”, and although this wasn’t sung in English, you still felt a nice melodic vibe from the record. The melodies were listenable, ebullient, and transcendent! It was so nice to just follow alongside the soft texture to Kaice vocals, feeling serenaded. “A Escondidas” translates well across various of different listeners, in which includes the Spanish and English market! Kaice represents his culture and background in a trendy way while remaining digestible to those who aren’t familiar with the language. I will hands down blast this record on high volume in my car because It’s so absorbable. Kaice has a gorgeous voice in which is layered and feels almost limitless. He trade-marks a unique sense of artistry and it was pleasant to see and hear. “A Escondidas” is eclectic in its own way, completely moving the listener and turning us into fans of Kaice!

Listen to “A Escondidas” here and get to know more about Kaice below!

Coming From Colombia, is there a strong music scene there? in what ways has this influenced your artistry!?

yes there is a huge Music scene in Colombia, there is a lot of famous people in the Latin music industry that are Colombian artist like Shakira, J Balbin, Maluma the list goes on, not only that the city where I’m originally from (Cali) is actually considered the capital of Salsa music, and Medellin is the new capital of Reggaeton (genre which my music focuses on). How this has had a influence in my artistry is that Colombians are very creative people you can see art everywhere wether is graffiti on the wall in a street to the art galleries, to people on the street singing with an instrument to earn some money to the local artist trying to make it big in the industry theres is a lot of creative culture in Colombia.

Tell us about your record “A Escondidas” ! how would you describe the theme of this song for our readers?

“A Escondidas” talks about a girl who still sees someone who she dated, but lies about it to the people she knows because she’s too proud to admit that she can’t get over that person.

What inspired you to write this, Kaice?

I wanted to write something that people can relate to, guys or girls. Something that actually has happened to a few of us, not to brag but it has happen to me, so I thought it would be a good topic to put in a song and I also theres a lot of songs out there that talk about a break up and their usually sad I wanted to change it up and instead of making it sad why not give it a little bit of a twist and talk about what happens after the break up. hehehe 

Were there any moments of doubt or challenges you’ve faced in the making of “A Escondidas” ?

Actually yes. I purchased the beat from my producer Audixx and I could not come up with anything for the beat my mind was blank when I came up with the intro of the song I couldn’t come up with a hook I had to give it a rest for few months work on other tracks then go back to “A Escondidas” latter. After the song was recorded I had re record it because my voice notes were not going along with the beat notes so I had to get my other producer Mixgeniuz  to change the beat so it goes with my voice so there were some challenges but it didn’t drive me crazy it was a good experience.

What’s next for you!? 

Right at the moment I’m focusing on releasing a few more singles I’m planing on releasing another single called "Tu Piel” a summer jam for the ladies lol, so I’m going to be making more singles and marketing them. I am thinking of making an EP by the end of this year but only time will tell, for the moment I’m just going to focus on singles.


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