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Kaio Kane Delivers With “Smoke 4 Free”

Kaio Kane is a rapper, singer, and producer born and raised in Rockymount, North Carolina. Kane says his music is a reflection of a rural upbringing. His stage name was inspired by the Anime Character whose name means “Gods fist”

Kaio Kaine released his latest single titled “Smoke4Free” and this catchy hit is going to curate waves in the music game. The lyrics in “god fist” were witty and bold which also showcased the charismatic and outgoing personality of Kaio Kane. His style and delivery kind of remind me of the likes of Migos due to that rapid, intense punch you feel with every line and bar. “Smoke4Free” is radio ready in our opinion! It has this mainstream sounding hip-hop beat that’s perfect for the clubs and even better for your car-rides. Who doesn’t love to listen to a good hyphy song while they drive around? Kaio Kaine’s “Smoke4Free” is everything but dull. It’s vibrant, in your face, and highly attractive. Smoke4Free displayed a special quality that I personally feel like is highly important in hip-hop music and that’s “fun”. The entire charm of “Smoke4Free” encourages you to have fun, indirectly. It’s the perfect sound to bring together a group of people who like to vibe out to good rap. We’re all a sucker for good beats, and a fire deliver and Kaio Kaine delivers both and more with “Gods First” !

Listen to “Smoke4Free” here and get to know more about the artist below!

How did your upbringing impact your style of music?

i was running with the wrong crowd for minute in a small town but music became my outlet to not only paint my own vivid life story but also those around me.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career?

ive face the challenge of marketing to the right crowd to build the fan base.

What is “Smoke4Free” about?

smoke4free to me sounds NC putting their stamp on the industry cause we are tired of being over looked..we here now and the smoke is 4 free

What encouraged you to write “Smoke4Free”?

smoke4free was stunna4vegas idea he dropped the 16 we took part of that and made it the hook and i personally felt everything he was saying so i just followed up

What is next for you!?

next for me is hitting the road and doing shows and promote to further expand my fan base


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