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KAIS Drips Psychedelic Themes of Wanderlust in, "Spirit City Kiss"

KAIS is a Canadian, Jordan-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer renowned for his unique fusions of indie, psych, soul, folk, and blues.

For KAIS, music isn’t just a form of expression; it is also a tool to positively influence others. His earlier music explored world issues such as global warming and war, while today, he is utilizing meta poetry to illustrate what words can’t say alone about what it means to be human.

The lulling rhythmic appeal of his latest single “Spirit City Kiss,” wins you over in a fluent motion. There’s a deep sense of soul and passion that is exuded through the sultry vocal performance KAIS delivers, all while allowing us to feast on the gritty elements that are authentic to a bluesy soundscape.

Every instrument shines in its own brilliance as the well-balanced mix, courtesy of KAIS provides each component a place to thoroughly thrive in the sonic arrangement. KAIS’s robust timbres cascade with the instrumentation in a way that has us mesmerized in the ease of the psychedelic hues that glimmer from this piece.

With the heartrending lyrical motifs acting as the structure to a narrative representing love found in a city you connect or identify with spiritually, the hazy and melodic integrity makes itself more purposeful with the comprehension being in the open.

Sending you on a trip down memory lane as the nostalgia runs wild through your thoughts, the dynamism released hones in on otherworldly qualities and the spellbinding concept warmly pulls you in. Taking impactful cues from the music of the ’90s, we hear where the heart of KAIS lies through his soul’s flourishing wanderlust.



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