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Kalen Blanco Has A Voice Made Of Silk

Emerging pop artist Kalen Blanco brings a modern twist to the iconic American eighties sound that was highly popular. He describes himself as “Bald, Black, and Bisexual”, he draws on real life experiences and authentic emotions while creating his music. Relocating to Los Angeles from Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2018, Kalen Blanco has only begun to build his musical network and establish his artistic presence! Kalen Blanco released “Tonight” a vibe song we can add to all our groovy playlists where it sets the aesthetic of memorable moments between you and someone special. “Are we gonna have fun tonight tonight tonight?, are we gonna get drunk tonight tonight tonight?” Kalen sings as he evokes the charismatic lyricism in a soulful and delicately sensual manner. Kalen Blanco has a voice made of silk.

A fluent vocal resonance that translates well across the single while showing progression in various different ranges and most noticeable, his striking falsetto note. The video released alongside the song was impressive. In the beginning the characters seemed to be on a more serious, professionalism note. Climaxing alongside the serenading tune, they begin to break out their stiffness and let loose/have fun alongside the addicting and riveting hook. A cool feature about “Tonight”, is that I can hear it fitting perfectly with the plethora of music that’s out on the radio right now. It has a mainstream appeal which could propel Kalen Blanco outside the indie artist scene.

Listen to "Tonight" here and get to know Kalen Blanco in our interview below!

Hi Kalen, care to tell our readers a little about yourself?

I’m 23 years old, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I recently moved to LA in August 2018. I love writing and singing pop music, and creating new and fun ways to showcase who I am, my sexuality, and my views on the world! 

When did you begin investing in music!?

About 2 years ago, I started writing  and singing random lyrics to youtube video beats, but realized that my writing was awful. I knew that if I wanted to be an music artist, I was going to have to learn and practice, so I did. Since moving to LA, i’ve had so much more inspiration to learn about the music industry and figuring out who I am as a pop singer/songwriter and have realized that music will forever be apart of my journey from here on out. 

How has Los Angeles been treating you so far?

Pretty well! Other than rent and the traffic, I honestly have no complaints and I’m excited to experience more of what all LA has to offer!

I noticed in “Tonight” you honed in on your bisexuality in a fun way by the usage of wigs! Do you think your individuality is going to create a big impact for your career?

Yes, I do believe that my individuality will create a big impact! Though, I won’t always have a wig on, since I mainly used it to sell the fantasy of the late Whitney Houston. I’ve chosen to showcase my bisexuality by not using any pronouns in “Tonight”, or any of my upcoming work, it can be sang to any gender! Specifically with “Tonight”, I wanted to showcase the loose and free interaction between the male and female dancer and myself!


Is it difficult for the LGBTQ community in music to be recognized?

I would say yes, but I believe that LGBTQ artist are making their way to the forefront of the music industry. As the visibility increases of LGBTQ artist, I believe we will continue to become more recognized. I can definitely see more POC LGBTQ artist coming out, like myself, and I couldn’t be more happy about that because even witching a specific community, visibility is key!!

In your artist perspective, how would you interpret “Tonight” ?

I would interpret “Tonight” as a coming of age, sexuality, and confidence song. “Tonight” is about owning everything that encompasses who you are, being confident and having fun with it!

If you can collaborate with ANY artist of your choice, who would you select and why?

There’s so many I could choose from like Brandy Norwood, Ariana Grande, or even Katy Perry, but I would love to collaborate with Troye Sivan. His presence in the music world, has inspired so many people in the LGBTQ community to love who they love and feel free to share it unapologetically, which is what pushed me more to write my upcoming EP that will be out February 1st, 2019! 


Connect with Kalen Blanco on social media:


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