Kalen Is Back With A Spectacularly Blissful New Release “Disappear”

New York City singer/songwriter Kalen is known for her explosive live performance. She was lead of the eclectic rock band KALEN & The Shy Thieves, has an electronic project titled Death By Piano, and is a part of the ambient poetry band Late Sea. No stranger to success, Kalen’s gift as a lyricist, musician, and vocalist has led her to pursue a solo career. Her debut single “Weak” garnered the up and coming artist an ever-increasing amount of success and was soon followed up with her second solo-single “Lighter”. Kalen’s third solo release is a beautiful ambient piece titled “Disappear”. 

Quietly breathing lyrical fragments of ideas into the mix, “Disappear” begins with a gradual build-up and a softly cinematic ambiance that proceeds to entrance and mesmerize the listener. While there are elements of emotional turmoil in some of the lines, the overall feeling the track presents is one of passion and a desire to progress. The same way classic soundscapes from the past decade or so would create these thoughtful sentiments for audiences, “Disappear” drives with a similar level of detail and calm. The result is something completely original, and refreshingly peaceful. As “Disappear” washes over you, a blissful sense of calm emerges, and with this these gently whispered lines, prompt you to think a little more deeply, or to let your mind wander and escape the world for a while. This is an absolutely stunning new release from Kalen, we’re always looking forward to hearing more. 

Check out “Disappear” here!