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Kali Katana Releases Infectious Single “Evolve”

Kali Katana is a 24 year old music producer who has been making hip-hop and EDM beats for about 4 years now and he doesn’t plan on stopping yet! He currently lives in Kansas at the moment and just got done with one of his EP’s called “Rebirth”. He uses making music as a way to deal with his life pain, emotions and struggles.

Kali Katana released his latest single titled “Evolve” and the title says it all! The song evolves through time as it progresses with multiple different transitions and illuminating lush productions. It begins aquatic and laid-back with lo-fi synths and a mellowed vibe before that hard-hitting trap bass transitions in to create a more hip-hop element to the song. The next transition just emphasizes on the trap vibe of “Evolve” and the beat is super wavy and engrossing. “Evolve” is the urban of EDM and it’s fitting for every danceable party, festival, or just a kickback with you and your friends. The song is like a musical high , putting you on cloud nine while listening and having you rocking back and forth with the music. Evolve continues to have you wrap around its finger with the transforming frequencies in the beat. Kali Katana has a way of producing a certain mood where you just feel content with what’s going on around you. You tune out your settings and tune into the music, zoned in, and jamming alongside the beat! Kali Katana's way of weaving together the two styles of EDM and Hip-hop makes him a killer artist who people need to be on the lookout for! You never know what he has next up his sleeve and the anticipation is high!

Listen to "Evolve" here and get to know more about Kali Katana below!

Mind telling us about your upbringing and Kansas? Did you grow up with a heavy music influence?

Well originally I was born and raised in Long Beach, California. I loved it there despite some of the things around me. My mom always had my back and made sure that I was raised the right way and never got caught up in the craziness of LBC. One main reason why I'm in Kansas now is because I needed to restart my life especially after everything I went through in my life in California. While in California I definitely had a huge music influence because its home to gangster rap. From Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop, Eazy E, etc. I also had a huge rock interest because of my parents. Their was always Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Frampton, and KISS playing around my house on a daily basis.

Tell us a little bit about your EP “Rebirth” and how it represents you as an artist!?

REBIRTH is my debut EP as an EDM artist and it means a lot to me because it means a transformation within myself. Every single song from "Real" to "Healed" represents a step in the human growth process and with me. It shows my emotional side of producing that I was ready to show people and I hope my transformation within myself shows people that its ok to grow and thats its ok to express yourself in any shape or form despite judgement from outside world.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of “Evolve”?

Evolve was one of my favorite tracks to make because it was a huge step in my growth. This song showed me that now that I am noticing and discovering things within myself, its time to move forward and grow from there. The evolution of the mind is so key in today's society and without that we would all stay the same and nothing would ever improve.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the making of “Evolve”?

The challenges I had was trying to make sure the audience felt was I trying to portray in Evolve. The hook talks about "bringing me out the darkness" which means to me that you need to bring yourself out of the negative depths of the human consciousness in order to see Mother Gaia for who she is. I hope people feel that because thats definitely what I felt.

What’s next for you?

I know whats next for me and thats to continue to put positive frequencies in my music and to help heal the world. I want to show the next generation that now is the time to show the world true love through music and any other art form. Sky is not the limit for me and it shouldn't be for anybody else. All I can do is keep doing what I can on my part and continue to grow myself within my craft. Also I have a collaboration album coming out soon called AWAKENING that I produced and its definitely a HUGE step in human evolution.  


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