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Kalina & Kiana Head Down "Peter Pan Rd," In A New Single

Sibling duo and alternative-pop recording artists Kalina & Kiana rush the scene with their newest heartwarming and euphoric single, "Peter Pan Rd."

From what started as singing in their car seats to forming the girl band The Raymies, Kalina & Kiana have gained immense stage experience. They even started a project dubbed Rocky's Revival that opened for acts like Justin Bieber and The Bangles. Most of the band's songs were written when Kalina was in and out of chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

In complete remission and ready to rumble, Kalina & Kiana are back and better than ever, serving up a hot plate of mystical passion and zen in their newest single, "Peter Pan Rd." Kalina & Kiana are on a mission to be a positive influence through the way they live while allowing others to relate to their content. This glimmering new single is no exception.

Jumping into the new single, "Peter Pan Rd," the song brightly opens with electrifying alternative rock/pop instrumentals that glitter and gleam with this mystical and dreamy undertone. Kalina & Kiana's vocals are incredibly powerful; they make that known right off the bat. Both vocalists tear through the song with such power and passion, yearning to head back to "Peter Pan Rd" and relish in the wonder that lies there.

This song is exhilarating; it's the ultimate feel-good listening experience that blesses listeners with a burst of motivation and a lust for life. Both Kalina & Kiana make it clear that they're two artistic powerhouses that never fail to place the listener splat in the middle of their themes, letting them feel every inch of passion and pain they sing about.

When you're feeling lost and not sure where to turn, head down "Peter Pan Rd" with Kalina & Kiana's newest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kalina & Kiana. We truly appreciate such a relatable anthem for our times like "Peter Pan Rd". What inspired you to write about the topic you did?

Thank you! This song is very special to us. It’s tied to a lot of memories. If you are driving down the coast of California, from Carmel to Big Sur, there is an easy-to-miss street called Peter Pan Rd. We don’t remember why we first stopped at it, but it has become a tradition for us to stop there every time we make it up to that magical place. Peter Pan Rd dead ends at a lookout of gorgeous houses by the purple-tinted, misty ocean shore. We strongly believe this is where mermaids live. Well, if we were mermaids, we know we would live there.

We always stop there for a breath-taking view, then continue on our journey down to Big Sur and soak up all of the beautiful views along the way. After our love affair with this fairytale pocket of California had begun, and prior to writing Peter Pan Rd, we found out that our grandparents on our dad’s side said that their favorite place in the world was Carmel. It’s the place they “felt most in love.”

Then, we discovered that our grandparents on our mom’s side spent their honeymoon on a road trip to Big Sur, as did our own parents. The place in which we were already infatuated became even more special; it’s an infatuation that has been passed down for generations. We knew we had to write a song about it.

Was it easy to be open and passionate when writing your honest lyrics in "Peter Pan Rd"? What was your experience writing this song?

Kiana was inspired to write the song, and it really just wrote itself because of our love for the place and our love for our family. When it came time to name the song, the only fitting title had to be our favorite secret stop along the way: Peter Pan Rd.

What was your goal regarding the listener's experience with "Peter Pan Rd"? What do you hope the single does for them?

We hope that Peter Pan Rd creates a mix of nostalgia and excitement for the future by taking you back to your favorite memory or place and creating a hunger for a new adventure. With its simple lyrics, we also hope that it reminds you that there is joy in the simple things in life, like spending time in nature. We love that the chorus just says, “oh, take me back,” because anyone can sing that and attach their own meaning to it.

What does "Peter Pan Rd" mean to you? How can listeners understand you and your music better through this emotional record?

Peter Pan Rd means a lot to us because it is a story so dear to our hearts. It lets listeners get to know us better by learning two of our values: family and making time for adventure. We are so happy with the way that the song came out, thanks to our producer, Julian Höninger. He sprinkled his fairy dust on the song with nostalgic guitars and magical sounds. Thanks to him, you get to hear Peter Pan Rd exactly how we hear it in our heads.

What's next for you?

We have multiple projects in the works! Exciting things are coming... To keep up with everything we are working on, you can follow us on Instagram @kalinaandkiana. Thank you, BuzzMusic, for the interview!

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