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Kalina & Kiana Liven Listeners Up With New Single "She Is"

Sibling duo Kalina & Kiana debut their single "She Is" today on all major streaming platforms. What a treat it is to showcase their music and the message that comes along with it. The duo aspires to create moving and motivational soundings, paired with pivotal messages many of us need reminding of from time to time. Based in California, Kalina & Kiana manifest harmonies that bring a certain kind of vibrancy into any listeners' life.

Kalina & Kiana begins "She Is" off with electric energy that instantly attracts the attention of listeners. It's the type of energy that's quite inexplainable but makes you feel wired with heavy inspiration. There's a magical component to Kalina & Kiana. Maybe it comes through their euphoric vocal energy, but whatever it is this duo does, they need to keep on doing it! We appreciate their positive soundings that they're able to correlate with an integral story. They aren't just putting meaningless words to paper and executing with a basic rhythm. They're developing a message within a hopeful and jubilant production.

"She Is" has a bubbly persona, and captured the control of all emotions for us as listeners. No longer could we feel gloomy, stressed, or even remotely upset when listening to Kalina & Kiana. That's the power of songwriting and recording, and how two artists can morph their artistic abilities into something that feels truly magical. We're hoping the magic continues to pour out from Kalina & Kiana for the rest of 2020 because as of now, they're the primary duo we seek out when we're needing a bit of a mental boost! 

Listen to the curative powers of Kalina & Kiana in "She Is" here.



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