Kamo FL Brings Versatility to Hip Hop While Blessing Us With His Album '2020'

Florida native KamO FL blasts back with his album '2020' full of head boppers and foot tappers. Always having a passion for writing, KamO found himself fleeing from fitting in only to push his boundaries and finely-tune his sound to make it his own. Working countless hours to personalize his sound, he's done just that with the twenty songs (no feature) album '2020'. Opening the album with the force of an intro "Destination Greatness," KamO FL starts by giving us hi-fi hop-hop production and his pent up flow of finally finding a path he resonates with to find self-success. While singing and rapping, KamO FL brings incredible versatility and rounds out the song himself. Moving into more of an R&B vibe through groovy production, the next track "Night and Day" brings a heartfelt love song. Singing that he'll be at someone's side from night to morning, while also incorporating a few sexual innuendos, KamO FL cleverly expresses his passion. KamO FL brings nothing but truth and honesty with his third track, "Sidelined." Giving us upbeat R&B production with stimulating kicks and claps, KamO FL moves into his incredibly blunt bars of not being too happy with his a girl who couldn't keep quiet. Preaching to quit these games, KamO FL brings power and integrity with this track. Moving into a darker and more intense atmosphere with "Stones and Sticks," KamO FL sings the old saying sticks and stones, while moving into his hard-hitting verse that hits us with confidence and determination towards not letting the negative energy impact his day to day life. Feeling a little spaced out with the next track "Past Life," KamO FL incorporates incredible hip hop production that brings a celestial atmosphere emphasizing the "Past Life" subject. As KamO FL starts rapping about how he met someone in a past life because the trends with them are always repeating, we can really feel his deep and complex passion for this song. Brining his flow to the maximum on the next track "Lg," KamO FL raps about changing for the better and learning from the mistakes which all humans make. "Lg" standing for 'lonely girl', we can feel KamO FL's empathy and love towards this person, while steadily and swiftly rapping over the mellow beat. Giving us the energy we're looking for with "Ready Set Go!" taking off with exhilarating production that keeps the enthusiasm high. KamO FL brings his cleverly-written rhymes to the stage with bars like; "bulletproof is the vest, cause I'm dying to succeed, but I'm not dying for success." We're left captivated by his textured songwriting at this point. Taking a chill turn with the eighth track "Girl Next Door," KamO FL raps about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and longing to work out the issues with someone. The soft R&B production tugs at our heartstrings and finely emphasizes KamO FL's heartfelt lyrics. Moving into the contemplative track "Get Through It," KamO FL gives us a bright light of hope and sings/raps about moving past struggle and working through the difficult times. "Get Through It" adds a very subjective element to the album by letting us listen to KamO FL's journey to finding his voice. As the next track "Gravity" takes a very relaxed and timeless turn with beautiful production with electric guitar, KamO FL questions why we tend to want what we can't have and wanting someone who's just out of reach. Taking a melancholy approach and spilling his heart, we can only relate and feel the deep lyrics he's written. The energy comes to a high at the next track "Fill in the Blank", opening with an energetic hip-hop/trap beat with anthemic synths, we're ready for KamO FL to pick us back up. Giving a self-assured tone through his beaming confidence, KamO FL shines bright on this track with nothing but persistence and determination. We're incredibly surprised by KamO FL's dynamic approach with the next track "Electric," as the song opens with almost a deep house/EDM beat that he skillfully raps over. KamO FL brings a loving and exciting message of never getting enough of someone's electric feel and knowing he can't stop fighting to be with them. KamO FL brings amazing descriptions through his tracks, especially with "Red Lips." Through lyrics like, "to my surprise she had on red lipstick that matched the fire in her eyes," he sings and raps lyrics full of passion overtop mesmerizing R&B production. Keeping us locked in by singing/belting lyrics and sensually rapping to intrigue. While moving into the next track, "Rewritten" KamO FL highlights his attention to detail with this song. With exciting hip hop production that brings harmonic synth melodies, KamO FL's flow stands with force and preaches taking risks to push his boundaries. We clearly get a picture at this point of KamO FL's inner thoughts and practical advice. With mid-tempo and groovy R&B production on "Love Lesson," we can only resonate with KamO FL's lyrics of being hung out to dry in the past. Trying to wrap his head around love and how he needs lessons, KamO FL's passion runs deep on this song and takes an emotional turn. Reaching the next song "Tick," opening with vibrant and danceable R&B production with serene keys, KamO FL takes another passionate bat by singing and rapping about wanting to know someone and what makes them "Tick." We're incredibly impressed by KamO FL's ability to put every single emotion into a song, especially with this one. Bringing back the hi-fi trap/hip hop production with "Tooo Tired," KamO FL blasts through this track with his bars of being tired of waiting for things to happen, therefore he makes things happen for himself and takes initiative to progress. Giving us a high pump up/workout song to get lost in, KamO FL brings limitless energy with this one. With the deftly produced eighteenth track "Balanced," KamO FL finds his love for someone at a maximum by letting them know it's okay to accept love for what it is and take risks that will only benefit. The R&B beat creates a depth that brings out the best in KamO FL and his deep running emotions. We've found that what fuels KamO FL's songwriting might be his limitless passion and love for someone, with the second last track "Engaged" serving a beautiful and modern-day ballad. With soft production and KamO FL's meaningful bars of being dedicated to someone for the rest of his days, we're captivated by his textured songwriting. Reaching the end of his album '2020', KamO FL ends it off with "Ending Credits," almost summing up the album. Rapping that we haven't seen the last of him, or even close. He again introduces force and authority and preaches how he'll continue to be authentic and unique, without creating repetitive rap that we tend to hear today. Overall, we're endlessly impressed with KamO FL's album '2020' and how each song tells it's own compelling story that's bound to captivate you.

You can listen to '2020' here.

Hey KamO FL, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’d like to start by saying how unique your album '2020' is through each dynamic and different song. Could you speak on what fuelled your inspiration to spit twenty songs solo?

For starters given the name of my album and the fact that I was releasing it this year. It was only fitting that I kept the number 20 significant. Another reason I chose to have that many tracks on this album was to make up for my lackluster release last year. I was so excited to record and put together my first album. I wasn't aware of how distribution worked. I didn't own or have the rights to use more than half of the instrumentals I chose to work with. I wasn't going to make that mistake again. I chose to not have any features because I wanted this album to be personal. Still discovering myself and where I fit into this music scene. I was very selfish with this album. I wanted to really showcase how far I've come since last year.

Within the album '2020' a variety of songs capture different elements across genres like hip hop, trap, R&B and even EDM. Could KamO FL speak on the production process, and how you executed each individual vision for every different track?

As far as production I trust my engineer and friend Doug Leto. He never lets me settle and is always pushing me when I'm in the booth. He can definitely take some credit for my growth. He engineered the entire album. It's an honor to work with Leto. 17 out of the 20 songs from this album well-composed without any instrumental to guide them. I would listen to instrumentals from Doug along with others from producers OSYM beats and PerezMusicNYC. I always start by trying to pair one of these compositions with an instrumental. If one fits I would quickly start working on how I would deliver it with respect to the style or genre of instrumental. It's like this unknown feeling when words and music become one and a song is born. It's like this feeling of belonging.

Speaking on the album '2020', KamO FL provides a variety of songs about loving someone and the passion you have for them. How did you manage to write such intricate bars that display every ounce of your affection and emotions?

From a young age I've always been a lover boy. Never scared to express my feelings on paper. I didn't realize it until many many years later. My ability to string together thoughtful sentences. Depending on the topic of love I speak on in my songs. I've always had a knack for not only staying on-topic but bringing to life and experience within my words. Some experience fiction and others non. I draw a lot of emotion from my current relationship. My now-wife and I went through a lot before we finally ended up together. I fought so hard to win her back. More than a few tracks on this album were written thinking about her.

We’ve heard that KamO FL has strived to personalize your sound and move away from stereotypes. Could you elaborate on how your album '2020' reflects that statement, and what you want listeners to take away from the album’s entirety?

When I say I strive to personalize my sound. I think about all the known artists I listen to and how I know who it is as soon as they take off on the chorus or verse. I want people to hear my words and know that it's KamO! I want listeners to take the time to hear what I'm saying and afterward left wanting more.