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KamO Rides The Wave In This Summer Hit!

KamO says that 2019 is all about first steps. He’s always considered himself as a music lover but his interest wasn’t just tunneled to hip-hop. When it comes to his own music, he self-describes it as carefully crafted with the intent to deliver a very lyrical message. He’s a normal man working a regular job and paying bills just like everyone else. With the freedom to imagine and bring to life any concept, he feels as if his music is an outlet for him to escape from reality. All his music is completely engineered by upcoming producer Doug Leto, and he released his first album on his birthday titled “Another K.O”.

We listened to the single “Ride” and the way KamO rode the beat was impressive! “Ride” is truly a vibe song. While listening to “Ride” I painted the image of a good breeze, a nice car, and an attractive girl by my side while I cruise around to “Ride”. “Ride” was ardent and had a more up-beat energy surrounding the song. In this upcoming season of summer we need a good tune that reflects on the charisma, fun, and vibrancy that the weather and season exudes. ‘Ride’ completely serves as a representation of these qualities and traits and this is why we love the song so much! The lyrics were a fun way to talk about a topic that’s actually raunchy and sexual. They transformed sensualism into light-hearted passion. The melody to “Ride” plants a memorable seed into our brain, to whereas soon as the song finishes playing you start to miss it and want to listen to it again. For a newcomer in the music industry, this is highly impressive. KamO projected a star quality persona through his music within a 3 minute and 57 second time span. The melodic hip-hop song is going to be the jam of the season, and we’re excited to see where KamO goes with his career. If you’re anticipating new music from KamO, he’s currently working on his next album titled “2020” in which will premiere in January.

Listen to "Ride" here. Check out our interview with KamO below!

Who are some of your key influences, KamO?

Besides my fiancee and daughter which unknowingly influence me daily to work hard not just in association with my music but in every aspect of my life. Musically who influences me? I'd say Ace Hood, T-Pain and J. Cole are a few artist that I've been listening to heavy lately. Not saying that I don't listen to what's trending on the Billboard's list. Honestly I spend most of my time listening to new instrumentals. So my producer is for sure an influence. I am truly grateful to have been introduced to Doug Leto. The way his mind works mixes well with my evolving style. Once I started recording at his studio the demos have just multiplied. So I listen to my own music to study and try to find new ways to improve on MY sound.

Tell us about “Ride” and the meaning behind it?

"Ride" was one of the first songs I wrote where I actually utilized music as an outlet from reality. I took the thought of just showing interest in a woman and working up the nerve to approach her. Exaggerated that thought and created an alluringly fictional tale of a bachelor pursuing desire.

What inspired you to write “Ride”?

"Ride"; like a lot of my content, was written while I was incarcerated. Since I had no means of listening to instrumentals. I would focus more on the lyrics and coming up with what I thought sounded like catchy choruses. I would spend a lot of time thinking about how a woman would want to be spoken to. Those ideas birthed many songs including "Ride."

Tell us about your album “Another K.O” what are some main themes behind it?

Another KO is just me trying to deliver knockout after knockout. You can't spell KamO without a "KO". Wanted to showcase my songwriting ability. Every song on the album except for the featured artists' verses was written solely by me. At the same time I wanted to leave my two and a half years of growth in the studio transparent from track one to track fourteen. Produced and Engineered by Doug Leto(@letobeats). I've turned into a nerd in my adulthood. I have a DragonballZ theme song on the album titled "Saiyan." A bunch of songs for the ladies that want to be swept off their feet. Other songs for those who just want to have fun and live in the moment. Lastly I have a handful of songs that dive into my thought process, my struggle, my determination and what many have said after listening, "my potential."

What could we expect from your next album!?

Oh My next album... Well for starters it's thought out. From the title "2020." To the date I want to release it. To the number of songs that'll be on it. Produced and engineered again by Doug Leto. It'll be 100% KamO. I want it to be a Solo project that shows further consistency in my songwriting ability. In the process giving whomever listens to my lyrics and various concepts a reason to listen again.


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