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Kanitha Reconnects With An Old Flame On “WGYTAU”

Photo by: Mallory Barry

The LA-based songstress explores the intricacies of connecting with an ex-lover after moving on.

Amid a global pandemic in which uncertainty and isolation became the norm, a star was quietly taking shape in the heart of Los Angeles. Kanitha, the artistic alias for talented singer/songwriter Marjorie Huot, emerged from the depths of lockdown with a burning passion for music and a refreshing take on the R&B genre. Armed with a captivating voice and a burning desire to explore her artistic limits, Kanitha has swiftly established herself as one to watch in the future.

Kanitha released her debut single, “Vices,” released in March 2022, shattering all expectations in the best way possible. She’s teamed up with visionary producer Mystc, forming a tag team that plays off each other’s strengths to make fresh new music for your listening pleasure. Her music often touches on topics like love, heartache, and personal growth, and her willingness to be vulnerable and transparent has made her music extremely relatable, endearing her to listeners in the process.

The follow-up to her highly well-received “Vices,” “WGYTAU?” (What Got You Thinking About Us) is Kanitha’s latest highly anticipated release. Although the track has a flirty and reflective vibe, the subject matter is fairly complex, dealing with the intricacies and wrinkles of reconnecting with an ex-lover after moving on. Lyrics like “Maybe I should just let you get away / Don’t you wonder what we could be / I could satisfy your fantasies” showcase the emotional tug of war. Combined with the soulful, almost hauntingly beautiful instrumentals spearheaded by a piano, Kanitha completely envelops you in her soundscape.

As Kanitha continues to carve her path in the music industry, her fusion of R&B and pop will continue to captivate listeners everywhere. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Kanitha’s “WGYTAU,” available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kanitha! We loved “WGYTAU”; it was intricate yet delicate and moving! Could you take us through the creative process for this song? Were you drawing on any personal experiences?

Thank you! When I started writing the lyrics, the melody was much angrier and upbeat. When I brought the lyrics to my producer Mystc, he rearranged them into something completely different from what I was hearing in my head. But that's the beauty of collaborating with someone because I would've never imagined the song to sound the way it does now. It's flirtier and softer, but the emotions are the same. I intended that I didn't want it to sound like I was inviting this person back. I was dating someone I invested more effort in than he did for me. I didn't like it, but I stuck around because he would tell me he’d do better but never did. We broke it off. One day, I was looking at my social media, and he liked all these posts from when we dated up until now; then he started messaging me, and it bothered me. I felt like I was always last in line for his attention when we dated, and then suddenly, he checked up on me on social media daily. I just got over him and it felt crappy because I know I made an effort when we saw each other, and I just thought, “What is he doing?” "Why are you giving me this kind of attention right now?" inspired this song.

You mentioned that you started taking music seriously during the pandemic. What spark inspired you to take that next step in your music career?

I had a lot of free time since I wasn't working, I was at home in my college apartment, quarantining and finishing my degree online. I had some money saved up and thought this might be the only time in my life where I have all the time in the world to focus on my music. No excuses. No limitations. So I started looking for a music producer to work with and came across Mystic. We've been working on songs throughout the last couple of years.

What goals do you want to accomplish through your music?

I have a bunch, but I try to focus on what's the most tangible at the moment. My main ones are to record and release more music and finally play some shows! I want to start moving towards bigger goals I have for myself because I think I’ve been taking the last few years to get comfortable, learn the process and business, and work on my confidence. I know I’m ready to invest more in my career and take risks.

Something that jumped out right away is the transparency of your lyrics. Combined with your vocals, it feels as if we’re almost getting a glimpse into your soul. What’s your approach to lyrics, and what kind of lyrics do you think most appeal to you as a musician?

Thank you! That's so nice of you to say. I don’t like to write about subjects that are inauthentic to me. I grew up listening to Taylor Swift and Paramore, and something that resonated with me with their songwriting is that they’re not afraid to be vulnerable. They give us the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of themselves, and it’s so raw and real, and I think that’s why they’ve had such long-standing careers. Their fans, like myself, can listen to their music and relate to what they say. I write all the time, and there are songs that I know I wouldn’t take to the studio, not because they’re not good but because they don’t resonate with me. I feel like that’s what I’ve taken from artists like Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams; they write about what they know, how they feel, lean into it, and are unapologetic.

What’s next for Kanitha? What can fans expect for the rest of the year, and is there anything you want to say to them?

I’m focused on recording and releasing more music for the rest of the year. My biggest goal is to start performing live, so hopefully, I can start performing these songs I’ve been working on for my supporters and new people too! I’ve been thinking about creating merch to sell at shows or online, which would be something to look forward to. I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me so far. I’m looking forward to what will come next!

Photo by: Mallory Barry


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