Kaotic Gives Us Insane Energy With Hot New Track “Unstable”

Kaotic is an artist that has a unique twist on production of rap tracks. His lyricism is honest, raw and compelling. We love finding artists that either bring back a familiar sound we miss, or create a sound we haven’t yet heard. Kaotic combines those two elements and surprises us with the literal chaotic energy his tracks give off. He expresses such vibrancy in his music, and we love the aggressive elements integrated and intertwined within his music, providing the most a sensual dark expression.

Kaotic produces a fascinating vibe in his single “Unstable”. The song adapts an aggressive tone right from the start, and keeps that high-energy feeling all throughout the track. “Unstable” incorporates so many varying elements melody-wise, and it’s charging us up with electricity! Kaotic has powerful and hard-hitting lyricism that you Buzz listeners need to experience, it’ll make you feel like you’re cruising along the Pacific Highway, enjoying life. Going off heavy early 2010’s rap vibes, combined with a techno approach unique to the track. Kaotic stands out in “Unstable” with his overall execution—he blends together melodies and harmonies that complement the blunt and hard-hitting vocalism, and it curates the most fire track we’ve seen this week. 

Check out “Unstable” here, and check out Kaotic’s exclusive interview below. 

Hey Kaotic! Please introduce yourself to our readers!

I'm rapper that cares a lot about the lyrics in a song and the meaning of the song. I want people to see what I'm talking about when there listening to it and have to really dive into what I'm saying. I've been writing since I was a kid and music has only become apart of my life more than ever and means every thing to me. I don't hold back on any of my songs and will say anything not worried about what any one thinks. I'm huge on development and always want to try new things and do different kinds of songs. I have started doing this from nothing and done everything I can to turn it into something. I have so much to say and do and ready to go all in!

2) What were the most influential elements while curating “Unstable”?

First off Unstable would have not been possible with out my boy Ryan Palma who produced the beat and did the hook for the song! This song was influenced by my feelings about the music industry and what artist go through on a daily basis. My frustration, thoughts on the industry and what I do it for. I feel this is a buisness that you have to be very careful with every move you make because so many people are watching, but at the same time you have to allow your self to do what you have to do and be who you are. Too many artist get sucked into situations were they aren't even allowed to write there own music because they thought it was more important to make a ton of money than to be them self. It's very hard to remember what you make music for when different situations come about and as a artist sometimes you have to find a way to remind yourself.

3) How did you feel with the way “Unstable” was produced?

I still remember when Ryan first showed me the beat one time when we were in the studio working on my last album Poetic Chaos, and I knew instantly that I wanted to do something with it. The idea of the song almost popped right into my head instantly when I heard it. When we started recording the song we wanted to make sure the levels of the hook and verses matched. Made sure the delivery was on point, and some cadences changes through out the song. I feel the production of song was done right with the kind of beat it was and what Ryan did with the hook was fire!

4) What are the most important elements you hold true to yourself as an artist?

To always be myself and don't let anybody take that away. Always be humble and too not every get ahead of myself. Always make room for improvement, there's always something new that you can learn. I think the most important thing would be to never sell out, I never want to be something I'm not just to make a dollar. Always use my own writing, I strongly believe that the day I cant write music is the day its time for me to hang it up.

Growing up in the Bay Area, how did you interpret the music scene there? Do you think growing up in that area provided inspiration for your music?

I wouldn't say growing up the Bay Area had a huge impact on how i interpret the music scene because my music is very different from the music around here. The music scene here is really big and I've always bumped the classics like Too Short, E-40, Mistah Fab, and Keak Da Sneak. I was mostly inspired from my friends that were older that rapped when I was growing up they taught me a lot.


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