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Kapri Emphasizes Our Repetitive Days Within, “We Used To Go Outside”

From Poland to Hollywood, the singer-songwriter and compelling artist Kapri makes the most of her quarantine with a conceptual song and music video, "We Used to Go Outside."

Back in Lublin, Poland, Kapri began her career by playing recurring solo shows and touring with a cover band throughout high school, which also had the pleasure of opening for The Futureheads in front of 20k people. Now residing in Hollywood, Kapri has landed the opportunity to work alongside multi-platinum producer Anthony J. Resta, songwriter Michael Anderson, and legendary mastering engineer Brian Lucey.

Through her latest powerful and reflective single, "We Used to Go Outside," Kapri lets us into her quarantine days through the song's conceptual lyricism and her music video's meaningful story. Also powering through with lively and groovy alt-rock instrumentals, Kapri truly created this single for anyone and everyone to get down with.

Listening to the single, "We Used to Go Outside," the track opens with a growling electric guitar whaling in the foreground while Kapri's layered vocals haunt the background. Once the light and airy percussion elements make their way in alongside jazzy keys, Kapri continues reflecting on the past and reminding us of our adventurous and carefree days.

Diving into the music video for "We Used to Go Outside," Kapri took a more minimalist approach, yet a highly conceptual one at that. While the video opens with shots of a time-lapsed neighborhood through a peephole, it later transitions into shots of a ceiling fan and even more time-lapsed scenes of the same neighborhood from different windows. With that said, Kapri perfectly captured the essence of our repetitive quarantined days.

Watch Kapri's conceptual music video for "We Used to Go Outside" on YouTube, and find the single itself on all streaming platforms.

We truly appreciate the reflective and conceptual approach you've taken within your latest single and music video, "We Used to Go Outside." When did you begin feeling inspired to create a song about our repetitive days?

I think we can all agree that sitting at home got very old very quickly. I was talking on the phone and online with a lot of my friends, and everyone was mentioning how insane it felt to be stuck indoors, and how we took being free to roam everywhere for granted. So I was pandemic-inspired from day one. I have a few more pandemic songs I wrote and will be releasing soon.

How did you manage to collaborate with creatives like Ed Egan and Clint Hanaway for your single, "We Used to Go Outside?" What was your remote creative process like?

Ed Egan, an incredible guitarist and a part of a British band Pirates of Panama recorded remotely from the UK! I asked him if he wanted to collaborate on a project and he liked the song, so as a result, we were able to make something very cool. Clint Hanaway, one of my closest friends, is an all-around expert in editing, film, and media, and was kind enough to help me with mastering that isn’t really my strong suit. I think the final result is super cool!

What inspired the conceptual time-lapsed scenes within your music video for "We Used to Go Outside?" How did the music video's creation come about?

So, you know how we always complain we don’t have enough downtime to “clean the house” or “learn an *insert new skill here*” or “watch the next season of this cool new show”? Well, turned out time wasn’t a problem ;) we got stuck inside and suddenly there was too much time. Everything was getting boring quickly. So I was watching the traffic through the window a lot, and when I was talking to Michael Jacob (MJ), the creator of the video, about it, we were mentioning how normally Hollywood is bursting with interesting people and everything is new, and now everything is kind of on repeat, over and over - same cars, same-looking people. So I asked MJ to create a video about being stuck in and only having one angle, one view, almost a tunnel vision.

Would you say that your music usually captures such conceptual themes and stories, similar to "We Used to Go Outside?"

Yes, but it might not always be so apparent to bystanders! My new songs are always about what currently happens in my life, what surrounds me, what bothers or builds me up. Songwriting is my emotional outlet, but I think this is the first time I managed to capture something that was happening worldwide, and I'm very happy that I was able to reach such a universal and broad audience. I hope they love the song and come back for more, and that we’ll meet at live shows very soon!

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