Karate Kactus And Willa Team Up To Release Electrifying Cover Of “Bulletproof”

Jason O’Grady, better known for his professional name, Karate Kactus, is a Canadian DJ and producer. Born in Africa, Jason spent most of his childhood moving around from place to place, giving him a diverse cultural edge to his sound. After relocating to North America, Karate Kactus began anonymously submitting his songs online to see what his fans would take to. Soon after he was garnering attention from peers in the industry. His high energy tracks focus on peak dance floor time to allow for maximum enjoyment from his listeners. Since Karate Kactus was brought up in a variety of cultures, it’s not hard to understand how he holds such an alternative edge in the music industry today.

Karate Kactus’ latest release is a cover and remix of the well-known track “Bulletproof” by La Roux. As if the song couldn’t get any catchier, Karate Kactus adds a more energetic drop and collaborates with talented singer Willa. Her vocals add a familiarity that is easy to sing along with but her charismatic aura adds her unique sound to the mix.  Contagious synths and effects paint the perfect melody for an addictive storyline to continue. Invigorating and energizing, “Bulletproof” is an incredible project. “Horizon” comes equipped with heavy electronic sounds that lead the listener to a mesmerizing vibe. “Bulletproof” is the perfect song to liven up any party. Upbeat and energetic, it explodes out of the speakers and brings the party vibe back into your life.

Check out “Bulletproof” by Karate Kactus and Willa here and read more below in our exclusive interview!    

Welcome to BuzzMusic Karate Kactus! We're so energized by your sound! Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent release “Bulletproof” Ft. Willa?

It started off as a remix idea, just for fun. I wasn't sure if we were going to put it out or take the instrumental and turn it into an original. But as the final product started to take shape and we had Willa re-do the vocals we knew we had to put it out as a cover. It also happened to be the 10 year anniversary of La Roux's version.

After moving around so much, how did you finally settle on Canada as your place of residence? How do you think your multi-cultural upbringing affects your individual sound? 

I'm originally from Canada (my dad's side) and my mom was from Zambia. So between moving around because of his work and living with my mother's side of the family I got a vast exposure to different cultures. Decided to come back home where I had the opportunity to pursue music as a career. The multi-cultural upbringing helped me curate my sound because I experienced the different instruments and their unique rhythms that make people move and really influence their moods. Whether is African vibe, which would be mostly drums and percussion-based or something with a Spanish flair that would involve eclectic melodies, I've figured out how to mesh them into my own individual sound.

Your music is always so high energy and perfect for peak dance floor hours. Do you ever dive into other genres? Or do you prefer to stick to your area of expertise?

I do enjoy other genres of music. Where I've been a DJ for about 7 years, I'm usually drawn to genres that energize the crowd and gets them moving. I wouldn't be able to stick to just one genre of music. I look at Diplo and DJ Snake for inspiration because they just make good music, regardless of the style. House, Trap & Moombahton would be my favorite ones at the moment that I have been working on lately.

Willa took the vocals in “Bulletproof” and absolutely made them her own! How did this collaboration come about? Do you plan on working with her in the future? 

The Willa collab came from Corey LeRue, a producer I collaborate with, that worked with her in a song camp and thought she would slay these vocals and she absolutely did. We will definitely be working again in the future, not only is she an incredible vocalist, but she's also an amazing songwriter.

What's the next move for you artistically? Can your listeners expect a larger project from you in the near future?

The next move is to keep on the current trajectory of making solid pop tunes, leaning more into genres and styles that cater to a world sound. I have been loving the Puro Pari and Afrobeats lately, and I do have some artists I am setting studio sessions with, I guess that would be considered a 'larger project' haha. Can't say who yet :)


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