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Karen Dunbar Displays Poise in Meaningful Release of, "In Her Shoes"

Pop/Country Singer/Songwriter Karen Dunbar hails from Wexford, and finds herself immersed within her career as a music educator.

Choosing to set sights on her own music, Karen Dunbar has recently delivered her first-ever single, "Almost," which accurately introduced the characteristics related to her musical persona: raw, real, affecting, and dynamic.

Choosing to continue her streak with yet another single release, titled "In Her Shoes", Karen Dunbar proves she isn't ready to stop anytime soon with her expressive outflow. 

Positivity immediately strikes with the light and jubilant melody within "In Her Shoes". Despite the inherent message of the track, "In Her Shoes" presents with a very sweet-sounding, paced-out rhythm that becomes insanely easy to melt within.

Karen Dunbar chooses the narrative to strike themes of independence, self-growth, and a higher understanding of one's self. Some could even say that "In Her Shoes" offers periods of empowerment, ultimately working to uplift the spirits of listeners.

Apart from the track's innate melody and theme, Karen Dunbar's subtle and yet potent vocal sound fills the song with integrity and emotive, working to express all of the affections that course their way out to listeners throughout the entirety of the track.

All in all, "In Her Shoes" leaves us in a trance of tranquillity with the voice and style of Karen Dunbar.  

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