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Karisa Shares Her Dreams In “Next To You”

Toronto's own Karisa creates love, contentment, and joyfulness as she always steers toward the light.

Karisa shares nostalgia as she merges 1980s synths with EDM sounds that translate into Alternative-Pop. Her message tells us that she has been creating music and involved in it since a very young age. She tells us how her love for music derived from sitting at the piano, recording herself singing. Karisa's from a very artistic family that supports and understands her passion and talent in music.

Inspired by summer, Karisa remembers those sunny moments she's had in life and writes about exactly that in "Next To You." This bright record creates fireworks as it enters with a Pop 2000s instrumental, while Karisa's vocals immediately have sparks flying. Some lyrics read, "And we can follow the stars, and we can watch the moon, and as the tide goes down, I'll be right next to you."

Karisa creates her very own reality in "Next To You," one we can see as we listen further into the record. Her vocals and lyrics share many equal powers that intertwine with each other and bring a fresh, unique sensation for listeners to digest.

"Next To You" portrays many situations we all felt at some point in our lives, either bringing back memories you want to forget or ones you love to reminisce on. Karisa's vocal edit brings forth the mood we least expected as it softly bleeds into thin air, wishing there was more to listen to.

Keeping her listener occupied, release after release, Karisa aims to bring her authentic self forth while creating the best art form like "Next To You."

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