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Karl.witaK Allows Listeners to Read Him Like an Open Book in '202&Heartache'

Karl.witaK began his music career in 2019, inspired by the likes of Hip-hop heavyweights like Tupac, LL Cool J, Rakim, and Biggie Smalls. He found his own way to gel those before him with those he idolizes nowadays, like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Big Sean, to name a few.

He has been recognized for his conscience mix on worldly ideals as well as raw honesty. Karl.witaK has his sights set on creating a different lane from the rest, as he stands out from the crowd and creates his own path that is custom to his musical approach.

Taking his impactful artistry to his 18 track album, '202&Heartache,' Karl.witaK delves into a series of songs, skits, and collaborations that we deem more captivating than the last. To stimulate the minds of his rapidly growing fan base, we are exposed to numerous flavors that heavily influence the musical creations we metaphorically feast on.

Emphasizing the lyrical dexterity that Karl.witaK holds within himself, there are a few notable records that have us seeping into a thunderous vibration. "Dreams of Cali Pine Trees (Freestyle)," "Mafia Sinatra," and "Family Ties" expose us to the unique frequencies that tap into the modern world of Hip-hop tempos. Finding yourself fixated on each rhyme scheme conveyed, you effortlessly sway into the rhythmic appeal that amalgamates the hypnotic reminiscent hues that have come before him.

Oozing charisma with the self-assured poise that one can only dream of, Karl.witaK collides with the thrashing anticipation that has you instantaneously tapping into the weighty bass components exuded in the instrumentation. Taking the tones into a well-rounded route of mid-tempo fusion, memorable hits such as "I'm Sorry," "I'm So Done," and "I Shouldn't Have to Die" take us through Contemporary R&B components that shine brightly in the instrumentation. Captivating us with perfectly timed verses and hooks that have a magnetic pull while telling a story, Karl.witaK can be heard asserting his dominance in the flaunt what you work hard for mentality, but also wearing his heart on his sleeve with the vulnerability that comes pouring out in tracks such as the above mentioned and, "Coffee, Tea and Liquor."

Karl.witaK has carefully placed skits throughout the collection of singles and has named them various titles of "Therapy" and "An Explanation." As we progress through the alluring compositions before us, these impeccably placed skits truly hone in on the essence of old-school Hip-hop as they build on the fortified foundation of the wistful genre. With Karl.witaK taking these moments to address his creative process, clear his name, touch on emotions, and his 'I'm doing this for me,' mentality, we peek into the deeper essence of Karl.witaK as an artist and individual establishing his name in a kingdom of his own.

'202&Heartache,' has an abundance to offer in terms of the rollercoaster-like motions that invite us into the creative genius that Karl.witaK is. We embrace the various sides of himself that he graciously serves up, all while giving us an explanation as to why he does what he does. You can hear the passion behind each word performed as it creates a sonic voyage from the moment it starts to the moment the music halts. '202&Heartache,' undoubtedly has Karl.witaK is running wild as the leader of the pack as he hopes that listeners understand, accept, and continue to support his messaging. With his 18 track album acting as an offering for those who seek emcees like verses, captivating hooks, and intoxicating charisma, we highly suggest that you dip into the mindset of Karl.witaK. We know you'll be running back each track, trying to dissect the witty quips and lyrical facts sowed.

Congratulations on the release of '202&Heartache.' What inspired the themes and messages that we hear on the album?

Thank you. Well, the theme definitely came from personal life experiences. I have been through so much in terms of family, friends, ex's, and general contact with people in and out of my life, that it shaped my demeanor and attitude towards my kids, wife, and life in general.

I've always been quiet, so I understand how a lot of people felt the need to make me a victim in situations. So they were stubborn to the fact I was observant. So the message I wanted to make clear was that I know what you've done, I'm going to let you know that I know, and I'm going to tell you how I feel now.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that you endured when bringing this project to life? How long did it take you to bring forth this collection of songs?

The Creative process was a motto when I began the album. "Don't let heartache cause heartbreak." I imprinted that for me more so than for anyone mentioned on the album. All my pain harbors from my family and women I thought were serious in my life. So I felt it was important to say the things no one wants to say or wish you could say to that ex, or family member, or friend. Well, about 4 months. Some tracks were sitting in a vault; others were written the moment I experienced a situation. I believe the best music comes from a moment of sadness, anger, happiness, or just harbored emotions. So many songs were written at a moment of emotion.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging on '202&Heartache?'

Face your personal heartache. It doesn't matter who or what it is. If it bothers you that much, get it out. If it is someone and not something and the relationship is mutual and built of love, talk it out and hash it. If it can't be resolved because you feel it's too late then find healing, and heal, heal, heal. Then move on. It's important to let go in your own way. You don't have to do what everyone expects of you. Do what gives you peace. It's never easy, but that's what makes the journey worth it. Most times people don't want to own the heartbreak they endure and cause. This album was my way of doing both.

Out of the 18 tracks that we can hear, do you have a particular song that resonates with you more than the others on this project? Why?

"Remiss" hands down. I don't know if I can say this, but I love marijuana lol. I'm sure from my skits and just overall humor I guess, you can tell I'm definitely under the influence of a certain "herb" and that's all the time, even as I do this interview. The reason why is because for me; I can't speak for anyone else. Cannabis has always given me a certain peace of mind. It was a heavy influence in my life when I had to face a lot of personal demons. Plus the story behind it is crazy. Pretty much my brother and I spent about 1200 dollars combined one particular day just trying to find good cannabis. Everything we were getting was full of false promises; it wasn't living up to its name. But I'll say by the end of the night we finally found something. But it makes you ask, was it that serious?

How does this body of work compare to your previous releases?

Well, this is my truth. It's my life. What you hear on the album is basically true stories. It's very personal and brutally honest. But it embodies who I am and why I am the way I am; whether you accept me or not. Most importantly, I had fun giving my experiences and lessons I've learned.


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