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Karli June Shares an Appreciative Ode to Her "Home Team"

Hailing from Listowel, Ontario, the country artist and singer-songwriter Karli June shares her appreciation for loyal supporters with a bright and beaming single, "Home Team."

Performing in church choirs, local fairs, and singing competitions as a child-led Karli June on her long-lasting musical venture without an end in sight. Today, Karli June is one of Ontario's most sought-after country acts, as her powerful and inspirational tunes landed her at festivals like Boots and Hearts, sharing the stage with acts like Dierks Bentley, Brett Kissel, Terri Clark, and Corb Lund.

More recently, Karli June teamed up with songwriters Karen Kosowski and Tori Tullier for her latest upbeat single, "Home Team." While Karli June delivers her breathtaking and engaging performance, her lyricism touches on the appreciation for the supporters in our lives and holding them near our hearts with each endeavor.

Hitting play on "Home Team," the track opens with upbeat snare drums and a beaming acoustic guitar. While Karli June makes her bright and lush vocal appearance, she begins describing the compelling scenes of feeling down and out while falling back on those who root for the "Home Team."

As we land on the foot-stomping hook, Karli June reminds us to appreciate our supporters and those who take time out of their day to listen and help with our struggles. Listening to the instrumentals, we're completely and utterly submerged into the song's radiant energy and tones, as each soulful guitar melody and powerful drum break leaves us wanting more inspirational and appreciative country tunes like this.

Say thank you to your supporters with help from the glimmering stylings of Karli June and her latest single, "Home Team," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Karli June, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We have to start by saying we absolutely adore the relatable and uplifting themes within your recent single, "Home Team." What pushed you to write a song that pays tribute to our everyday supporters?

I’m so glad you like it! I have been so blessed with a family who has stuck with me ever since singing on the porch with my guitar. They have come to shows where they were the only ones in the crowd… this song is for all of them! I can’t thank them enough.

What was your collaborative process like when writing lyrics for "Home Team" with Karen Kosowski and Tori Tullier? Is this your first time working together?

This was the first song we wrote together, but have written together again since! They are so wonderful. I came in with the idea of “Home Team” and it honestly came together so quickly. Karen thought it would be cool to make it sound like you are in a sports stadium with a marching band-- and that’s how we built the feeling of the song.

What was your creative/recording process like for the instrumentals within "Home Team?" Did you bounce your ideas off any other musicians or producers during this process?

We recorded a demo vocal the day we wrote the song, and then I did a final vocal during the pandemic from my home in Canada! I hadn’t heard a song quite like this before, but I loved how anthemic Karen produced it to be. Her creativity and production truly captured that feeling of being with the people you love, doing something you love. That’s exactly how I wanted it to feel. It’s definitely a song that makes it hard to feel sad when I listen to it!

How does "Home Team" relate to your other released songs/projects? Does your music regularly bring listeners into a hopeful and optimistic state of mind?

My record is coming out later this year -- and I would say that all of the songs resonate with some message of hope. The album pays tribute to where I am from, and the sometimes difficult journey along the way, love, and faith. I think all of the songs have a reminiscent feeling to them-- and I absolutely hope they give the listeners the same feeling of hope. It’s an album I definitely needed this year - and I hope everyone else can connect the same way.

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