Kat Spina Exudes Optimism With Her Emotional Single “Hold On”

Based out of New York City, singer/songwriter Kat Spina releases her optimistic and hopeful single “Hold On.” Known for confessional lyricism and up-beat guitars and synths, she allows listeners to become fully engaged in her heartfelt messages. After graduating with a degree in Music Therapy, Kat Spina honed in on her sound, incorporating incredibly soothing atmospheres. This is precisely what she did with “Hold On,” a song originally written about the unfortunate passing of her grandmother, but speaks on a bright future and keeping resiliency. With celestial production and ambient piano, Kat Spina allows us to heal on our own.

Opening with harmonic ghost vocals, transcendent pads, and soft chimes add a heavenly atmosphere while Kat Spina’s vocals lay softly overtop. “Hold On” truly captures a deep tone, as Kat Spina brings a saddened message that we can only empathize with about the circle of life and why it had to be that way. However, she gets her energy back up while vibrantly singing that she’s doing all she can, one day at a time. A message that many need to hear, being that separation can be taken at your own pace, but knowing there are brighter days ahead is a must. While the production remains subtle and ambient throughout “Hold On,” the passionate piano melodies keep our ears peeled. Kat Spina’s “Hold On” is a piece that we can all resonate with, and reminds us to hold faith when the lights go out.

Listen to "Hold On" here.


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