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Kat Spina Touches on Change in a New Single, "Outside"

Based out of Westchester and New York City, the pop artist and singer-songwriter Kat Spina is back and ready for action with her latest introspective single, "Outside."

We're always delighted to feature the soothing and engaging stylings of Kat Spina, and her latest single is no exception. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and educator, Kat Spina never fails to spread her message with vast listeners who are constantly excited to hear what she has up her sleeve.

Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Forbes, Kat Spina's latest single, "Outside," touches on the sense of freedom and rejuvenation after breaking free from aspects that don't serve you anymore. With help from her vibrant vocals and cinematic pop production, Kat Spina leaves us with an inspirational message to take away for ourselves.

Jumping into the single, "Outside," the song begins with a cinematic string section that brings us into a state of bliss. Once the powerful piano melodies start pouring through our speakers alongside Kat Spina's delectable background vocals, she later makes her prominent vocal appearance and uses several metaphors to highlight a change on the rise.

Reaching the song's ground-breaking hook, Kat Spina puts us in a trance through her beaming vocal stylings and the song's blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation, leaving us inspired to flee from the aspects of our lives that bring us down. In Spina's case, she sings of a broken relationship and her inner desire to get back on the right path while leaving those negative qualities/people in the past.

Allow Kat Spina's latest single, "Outside," to remind you of dropping people, places, or things that don't serve you anymore. Find "Outside" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kat Spina. We're always excited to chat with you about your latest creative endeavors. What inspired you to create your single, "Outside," that touches on leaving people, places, or things in the past?

Thank you for having me. I was inspired to write this song after keeping a journal of a recurring dream I was having. The dreamscape kept showing me "a way out" of a situation that was stifling. I also found I was meeting unexpected people along the way who supported my need to start over. I kept envisioning an open road and the idea of leaving it all behind me felt liberating and empowering. I am very connected to dragonflies and around the time I was writing this song, they also seemed to appear more, or I recognized these creatures as a sign to be resilient and leave my situation behind. What was it like working with producer Brian Forbes for your single, "Outside"? Is this your first time working together?

No. Brian and I first connected in 2012 when I was working on my Chasing Shadows EP. Once that project was complete, I took some time off to pursue a Master's degree. Music kept calling me and when I was ready to write again, we reconnected in 2017 for writing sessions. Outside was actually one of the first demos that we finished. How did you write your lyricism for "Outside" to not only tell your story but to inspire listeners to take action and leave the past behind?

That's a great question. For me, I want to take my listeners on a journey. While this song is very personal, I think it can transfer to a variety of situations that require you to be courageous. Sometimes, "dreams fall down" and what we initially thought we wanted for ourselves changes. I struggled with the concept. I had a difficult time being afraid of the unknown and staying in my comfort zone, even if it wasn't the healthiest situation. Trust helps inspire action. Knowing it's safe to listen to instinct, rather than fight the current is the message I hope conveys in this song. So, I opened up to my co-writing partner, Forbes, who helped draw out the story from a place of personal growth, authenticity, and ultimately, fearlessness. We've noticed that you haven't released a single since October of 2020. What's been keeping you busy from then until now? Have you been creating any more singles or projects that you'd like to mention? I actually finished recording a demo for a song called "Lifeboat" that I wrote with my songwriting partner, Janice FitzGerald (who also co-wrote the original songs on my Chasing Shadows EP). After that, I took time to continue building my podcast called Engaging the Muse. So, producing my podcast and interviewing guests this winter kept me busy. I'm very much looking forward to more collaborations this summer and fall. More music on the horizon. As always, thank you for your support and for listening.

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