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Katana’s Debut Single “Blame” Puts Her On The Map In A Big Way

Katana is an eclectic, 23 year-old, songwriter from London. She’s a talented alternative hip-hop singer with a range to die for. Katana grew up in Moscow, Russia, but after high school she moved to the UK to study Filmmaking at Central Saint Martins. Her ambition and unique surroundings drove her to pursue her dream of becoming a recording artist. Katana’s is an artistic alter-ego whose idiosyncratic talent and soul-filled lyrics fuse together to create a mesmerizing vibe.

Katana’s debut single “Blame” is the first to be released from her upcoming EP “No Feelings”. The heavy and deliberate beat is alluring and sets up the alternative hip-hop aesthetic. Katana’s deep and hypnotic vocals keep you entranced throughout the spectacular piece. “Blame” is an emotionally-rich single that can transport your mind to another place. It paints a soundscape in your mind allowing you to hone in on what emotions her layered lyrics make you feel. Her melodious harmonies are entracing. The range of her voice is unbelievable! Throughout most of the track “Blame”, Katana’s voice remains quite low, it’s so distinctive to her as an artist and really brings a refreshing sound to the alt hip-hop world. In the final bridge she changes her tone significantly, we hear a softer vocal that is Katana showing off once again her multi-skill set. On top of being a heavenly vocalist, Katana is a gifted songwriter. Her ability to connect with her fans and write lyrics that her audience can relate to are unmatched. Her launch into the music industry is off to a great start and we can’t wait for the release of the full EP!

Check out Katana’s debut single “Blame” here. Read more in our exclusive interview below!

Hey! Can you start by introducing yourself?

I’m Katana, I’m a singer and songwriter based in London. However, my real name is Anastasia and I was born in Moscow, Russia. I moved to London at the age of fifteen and was quickly inspired by the freedom that London’s diversity brings. Having so much left unsaid, I started writing songs, which I filled with my feelings, emotions and secrets. Katana is my alter ego. It is my way of letting out those fears and weaknesses that I, as Anastasia, wouldn’t have let out.

Historically, Katana was one of the Japanese swords that were used by the samurai. Katana was an elegant, yet deadly weapon, and I feel like that is exactly what I want my music to be: beautiful on the outside, yet deep and strong on the inside. I create lyrics and melodies that can connect to those, who can feel. Katana is more than just a nickname for me, it is my weapon against my demons.

Your voice is so incredible and individual! What age did you start singing?

You know, I always wanted to sing and I always knew I could, but as a kid I was very unconfident about my strengths. My parents were always my biggest support and thanks to them, I finally had my first singing lesson at the age of twelve and it all began there.

You know, as most of us, singers, I too took part in those silly singing competitions, studied musical grammar, had piano lessons and so on. However, looking back to all that experience, I can confidently say that none of it developed me as an artist. It literally took me 23 years to come out of the shell, and today I’m only starting my journey. 

What’s the meaning behind your new single “Blame”?

At first, “Blame” might seem like a song about broken heart. Yet, for me, it is so much more than that. It is about all my past relationships, about issues that I had and troubles I had caused. It’s about my battle with myself, my fears and my demons. It’s about trusting someone and not trusting yourself. It is about blaming someone for what they’ve done to you. I mean, we all have this person, who we put the blame on. In my case, this person is myself. “Blame” is a conversation with my past, at the end of which I own up to my actions and words. I truly believe that everyone, who ever been in love, heartbroken, misunderstood or hurt will deeply connect to this song in their own way. I hope that it will motivate people to move forward leaving their past behind.

What would be your dream collaboration?

There are so many talented souls that inspire me everyday. Aretha, Nina, Lennon, Dylan, Otis, Marvin, Johnny - these are the timeless artists, who have influenced on me big time. If there was a time machine and you’d ask me the same question, these are the people who I would be honoured to just talk to, can’t even imagine what it feels like to collaborate with them. They all had that deepness and mindfulness in their song, which I feel like a lot of artists nowadays are missing. 

Personally, new artists like Leon Bridges, XXXtentation, poor soul, 070 Shake, Frank Ocean and Sampha are the incredible talents that I would love to collaborate with. I feel like we all have this same ability to just cut the chest open and fearlessly take the heart in front of everyone. 

What can we expect from your new EP?

My EP “London” is going to be released in July 2019. It consists of six songs and is definitely going to take you on an emotional journey. Each song was written in a certain period of my life in London and each song is driven by a different emotion. It has everything from hip hop beats to soulful melodies. It is about my obsessions and inner demons, my secrets and fears.

London is my home. It is also the place where I felt the most miserable and the strongest. London is the place where I finally faced myself. I hope it will connect to all those lost and found, or yet to be found souls out there and make them feel fearless and powerful.


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