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Kate Cosentino Pops the Question in, “Emergency Contact”

Kate Cosentino is a woman of subtle nuances and many dad jokes. She encompasses wit and sass while balancing the profound ability to speak on behalf of the struggles of others for the mere proposition of opening up the conversation.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Cosentino has always had an affinity for strong storytellers and jazzy hooks. Influenced by powerhouse women like Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, St. Vincent, and many more, Cosentino has found that the best voices are authentic ones.

Taking this mindset into the buoyantly professed anthem, her latest single, "Emergency Contact," Kate Cosentino emits vibrant, irresistible energy. Her charisma is infectious as she professes her lush timbres to immerse her audience.

"Emergency Contact" taps into a narrative about the anxiety-inducing feeling of wanting to ask your partner to be with you forever but opting for the safer route and just asking for them to be your emergency contact instead. The upbeat and lighthearted pop zest that sits in the core of the instrumentation hits us with an impactful amount of fuel to get us dancing.

You can't help but groove to the rhythm conjured up as "Emergency Contact" blares through your speakers. Kate Cosentino excels in the funky realm with just the right amount of humor slathered into her lyrical motifs. Her storytelling remains vivid as she brings you through a portal of her mind's inner findings and paints an entire landscape for your head to wander to.

The entirety of "Emergency Contact" is lavishly executed to have each element complimenting the other. Being the perfect soundscape to give you the courage to pop the backup question, we encourage you to bask in all that's Kate Cosentino's latest single.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kate Cosentino. We honestly can't get enough of your beautiful single, "Emergency Contact." Is there a particular story that inspired the witty and well-thought-out lyrics heard on this record?

Thank you so much! The story behind Emergency Contact begins with my quite literally driving to my boyfriend's apartment after hearing his childhood dog had died. As I was rushing over there, I realized how seriously I felt about him and thought to myself, "wouldn't that be a ridiculous start to a song - speeding for someone you love and realizing how deep your feelings were." Then that got mashed with lyrics about how non-committal and afraid my generation /Millenials and gen z can be in relationships!

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process when bringing this song to life?

After listening to a lot of Lawrence, I was inspired to write a song that was witty, funny, and filled with fun horns. So I sat down with the intention of writing a Lawrence-inspired song. I immediately thought "Will you be my emergency contact baby? Will you slide in my doctor's DMS?" A song makes fun of the weird ways we swerve around saying what we mean in relationships. The first verse and chorus came out fast and turned into a fun song snippet I posted on Tiktok. My friend Troy dug the sound, so I recruited him to help me with the song's second half. It was such a fun co-write to bring, especially the life alert joke at the end.

What inspires your humorous nature and overall unique approach to your craft?

I'm just SO funny I can't help it. (Joking. Kind of). I've always enjoyed using humor as a way to connect with an audience. It lightens the room and sets a fun tone. Songs like Emergency Contact capture a room in a different way than my more serious songs, but they all have the same wit that either makes you laugh or makes you think! I grew up in the Youtuber generation of humor, and I think that influenced my music as much as the music I listen to. Artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham feel like my nerdy peers - big brains, big hearts, big personalities!

What would you like it to be if your audience could take away a specific message from this song?

I hope you can laugh at how ridiculous we can be when we're scared to say how we feel. I hope this song encourages you to say it! Tell that person you love them! Ask them if they want to be your boyfriend! Tell them you can't stand going to that restaurant they bring you to every Wednesday! Be brave.

What's next for you?

My EP comes out on May 20th! I'll have an EP release show at Diskin Cider on the 20th at 7 pm - open to the public. I also have two more singles from the EP coming out leading up to the full release. My next single, "I Don't Know Where it Went Wrong," comes out on April 8th. Then hopefully, a tour this summer/fall!


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