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Kathleen Farless Gets Fearless With Her Self-Love Inspired Hit Song!

Kathleen Farless is an accomplished songwriter who was born and raised in the Philippines. Now she resides in Los Angeles in which she calls her home for nineteen full years now. Despite being a hard working woman from juggling many responsibilities as a full time registered nurse, she devoted her off days to creating and writing music. A true artist by heart, whose real passion and commitment continues to grow and shines as you listen to her new single "Who I Am" preceded by the groovy single "Just Like That".  

Her unique and versatile musical style is displayed in each of her original songs; deep and strongly written while softened by her heartfelt vocals and a catchy melody. Her riveting and heart-rendering single “Who I Am” is all about self-love and the art of indulging yourself into a journey of self confidence. I loved the entire message behind the single and the motivational lyricism that was portrayed. Although the lyrics is about herself as a person and who she is, it inspires you to self-reflect and find all the good attributes about yourself, and to completely absorb them and love them, including your flaws to the fullest extent. Just as she’s owning who she is as a person and accepting every aspect of her, she’s aspiring to inspire others to do the same.  It’s a profound respect I have for the fearless artist who vocally skilled voice can move you into a direction you need to be moved into. Her sincerity that’s transparent through the music and translate across her genuine projection of her undeniably gorgeous voice is something that makes Kathleen Farless an iconic pop diva who was born to create music.

Be sure to listen to Kathleen's "Who I Am" on Spotify, and check out this artists personalized interview below to get to know her a little better!


Kathleen, great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about your career?

Feeling is so mutual. Really it’s my pleasure. Thank you! I was a songwriter back home in the Philippines where I was born and raised by my grandparents, actually my grandma did. I

started around freshman year in college writing songs for celebrities and also

writing jingles for radio commercial. Then I moved to Chicago in 2000 to be with

my grandparents. They wanted me to become a nurse, and never approved of my

music because of the financial instability. (So typical asian thinking, right?).

When did you begin creating music?

I officially started as a singer-songwriter around 2010, performing live gigs in L.A.. By 2011, my desire to continue music kept growing and growing. I started recording my original songs in the studio and released (digitally) Masquerade-Single that same year as a trial, then I decided that I want to make an album (9 tracks) with the same title and it got completed in 2016. (Longest album in the making... lol). The music creation was always there, when I was in high school, I wasn’t doing my homework, I was playing the piano downstairs in our living room. I always knew that making music is what I love to do, it’s something I felt inside of me, but I was young then and

there’s just so many obstacles at that time in my life to make a career out of it. But

of course, I never gave it up, it’s just doing it at the right time, so here I am now,

doing what I love most.

What inspired you to write the powerful song “Who I Am”?

I guess it’s more of channeling the negativity into positivity kinda thing, turning around the

challenges and making it into inspiration by writing a powerful song. I truly believed that everyone has a dream. Mine is in music. I received so many rejections and discouragement, from labels, to music blogs, management, venues and many other areas of the music industry, also, there are some narrow minded and superficial people I encountered along the way, who thinks of me as a crazy person who just wants to get famous by doing music. With all these, I started

cultivating and experienced self-doubt, which I think it’s very normal as a human

being. So I wrote this song, to empower myself not only as an independent artist,

but just being a real person. Really, just keep going and have the strength and

courage to follow my passion. I truly hope that all kinds of people regardless of

their background will relate to this song.

What’s the message you want to give to those who listens to “Who I Am” ?

Love this question. Stay in your truth of being “who you are”. No matter

where you came from, whatever the color of your skin or whatever gender you

prefer, whether you are in music or not, just be YOU and be human. Keep chasing

your elusive dreams and do what you love. Be fearless and learn how to dance

around the people who keep shutting you down. As the chorus goes “ I believe I’m

enough, I’m fierce and I’m brave, I’m stronger than you think”. : )

Between “Who I Am” and your preceding release “Just Like That” which is your personal favorite and why?

I genuinely love both songs. THANKS to the talented and amazing KYLE MANN (Record Producer and Engineer). Two different style, hhhmm... JUST LIKE THAT has an element that I truly love, which is the fun, groovy and a very light pop song. I had a blast with my band in the studio doing this record. WHO I AM, this is the best lyrics I’ve ever written so far... and I love the simplicity of the

arrangement and back up vocals of the song, plus that drumming part in the

end... Love it.. Oh, it’s really hard.. it’s equal to me.. (Can I buy you dinner,

cuz I didn’t pick one.... Lol)

What are three things about you that you'd love to share with someone just getting to know you!?

1. That I’m genuine, that I’m not here because I need something from them, but because I truly want to know people and include themin what I do.

2. That I am a registered nurse, I always advocate for patients and

their families.

3. That I am a creative person, indie artist, singer-songwriter, that I

am not great compared to other artist in L.A.. (I should not compare though, but

there are really great artist out there) that I’m just alright so I keep on practicing in

everything that I do to get better. I love dining out too. Oooopps, that’s four, am

I in trouble? : )

What can we expect from you throughout 2019?

This year my goal is to do more shows and hopefully produce music videos

again.. On top of that, I have original songs scheduled to record again in the studio. I

think my friends and my fans will be pleased of what will I share with

them this year. I am also performing on May 17/Friday 9pm at The Federal Bar (Noho).

I hope to get to see you there and the buzz-music team... Fingers crossed... Dinner?


Stay connected with Kathleen via the artists socials:


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