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Katiah One Is Livin The Dream With His Atmospheric Rap Style

Katiah One is an artist raised on the Upper West Side of New York City. He’s on a mission to change the common perception of the average rapper and draws his inspiration from many genres including R&B and Rock. His single titled “We Livin The Dream” produced by Deejay Element, highly intrigued me with its lyrical substance.

Katiah One has a consistent flow that shows a great level of skill due to the breath control and transitional flows. The beat plays an important role in supporting the song’s aesthetic. It’s a lot more serious which complements the subjective lyricism. “We Livin The Dream” wouldn’t be what it is without this specific instrumental sound serving as the foundation and roots for the song to grow. “We Livin The Dream” shows elements of cloud rap due to its subdued lo-fi production and hazy aura. Although lacking ethereal vocal samples, Katiah One curates a melancholic and dreamy rap environment.

This trill-wave based music Katiah One presents us moves in a linear direction alongside his raw, and uncut vocal delivery. It’s the perfect song to add to your playlist if you’re a big fan of rappers who actually crafts their skills into a unique style you’ve never seen before!

Listen to “We Livin The Dream” here.

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