katie drives Shares Her 'Fake Smiles,' in a New EP

From North Germany, the pop-rock artist and singer-songwriter katie drives releases a highly relatable, personal, and nostalgic-sounding 4-track EP entitled 'Fake Smiles.'

Raised on classical music, katie drives introduced herself to a more contemporary and popular sound in her teenage years. Beginning her musical venture through in-depth covers, katie drives later expanded her career with help from Berlin-based producer Ole Kuhlmann who helped navigate her blazing pop-rock sound.

Now releasing her debut EP, 'Fake Smiles,' listeners can introduce themselves to katie drives' relatable concepts through this project. Opening the EP is the intro track, "Maniac," a previously released single that blazed its way through TikTok and Instagram. The intro track takes off with a powerful rock edge that sets a dense and rich sonic atmosphere.

As katie drives begins to expand on her relatable and personal lyricism, she drenches us in the concept of feeling imprisoned by her thoughts and teetering the edge between quiet courage and psychosis. We love the anthemic tone of this track, as it perfectly opens the project while leaving listeners thoroughly engaged for more.

Softening the project's listening experience through the chilling track, "Fade Into Grey," katie drives offers a deep and profound concept while slamming our speakers with all sorts of nostalgia that rings similar to alt-rock/punk acts of the early 00s. While she touches on the endless circles she runs that sway her from bright sunny days into gloomy thoughts, katie drives makes the experience all the more memorable with her emotionally rich and intense performance. Not to mention the song's crisp and punchy instrumentation; we absolutely adore such a vulnerable and powerful track like this.

Expanding on a rather grim subject with the next track, "The Fear," katie drives opens the song with a gentle and melancholy piano melody while transitioning away fr