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Katie Jean Follows Dream as Kids Sleep

Thank you for being with us! Where are you based and where would you say your fan base is? 

I recently relocated from Fort Worth, TX to Lancing, Tennessee. My fan base is rock, pop-rock, electronic rock fans.

What would you never apologize for? 

I've never apologized for my corky side haha  Who is your "hero" and what does a hero mean to you? 

Lacey Sturm is my Hero. She is an amazing person all the way around! KIND hearted, amazing rock artist, a Mother, and she is devoted to her beliefs. A Hero is someone who helps someone else in their time of need. We are all capable of being a hero.   What exotic location would you most like to visit or perform when COVID is finally over? 

Any location with a beach! I have always been mesmerized by the sea maybe because I'm a Pisces.    How do you juggle the day job and the dream career, or are they one and the same? 

I am a stay-at-home Mom with 4 children (Rock Mom). My day as a singer-songwriter doesn't start until the kids are tucked in their beds. Balancing my time has been a CHALLENGE but I wouldn't have it any other way! ♥️


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