Katie Rose Brings Us the Emotional New Song “New Years Eve”

The South Carolina born, Katie Rose has brought us a super emotionally powerful and raw single “New Years Eve”. “It’s 10 o’clock on New Years Eve and I don’t know where you are” is the first lyric of the song that sits perfectly on a beautiful piano and you’re instantly strapped in, ready to go. Holding on for your dear life, these lyrics and vocal performances take it all out of you and are both emotionally heavy.

The song also has some strings layered in that fit perfectly and musically, the song can be compared to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. However, “New Years Eve” has such a unique vocal performance by the very talented Katie Rose, so the song stands alone on its own platform. The song ends with a super powerful and power played vocal stretch saying “you missed me on New Year’s Eve”, accompanied by the most beautiful piano we’ve heard in a long time. The song is almost 5 minutes long but doesn’t feel that way. You are certainly still ready for more by Katie Rose once it finishes! Be sure to keep up to date with Katie Rose on social media for more music releases and tour dates!

Listen to 'New Years Eve" here.

Thank you for being with us at Buzz Music, Katie! Your song New Years Eve tells a powerful story, is this based on a story that happened to you? Was this written from another perspective? What is the full scoop here?

Thank you for having me! I wrote this song a couple of years ago for a New Year’s eve show with Jump, Little Children. It’s not based on something that’s specifically happened to me, but I wanted to write a story about missing someone during the holidays. I felt like everyone could relate to that whether it be significant others, family members that are far away, or someone you’ve lost. 

You have been performing since the age of 13, what has been your favorite performance so far?

I loved playing my first-ever headlining show in Charleston (my hometown). It was sold out and I had my closest family and friends there to support me. I got to talk about my songs, what they mean to me, and just be honest with everyone there. It was perfect!

Your voice is so powerful. At what moment in life did you realize you have a wonderful talent? Did your family encourage you to pursue music?

Thank you! I only realized I had something special after I wrote and performed a one woman show at the age of 13 for a talent show. My parents were so proud of me and I almost won! After that, I began taking writing more seriously and even started to take vocal lessons to improve my control and range. I’m very lucky to have parents that completely support me. Since day one they’ve had my back and have done so much to help me on my journey. 

You have toured with Howie Day! What was that experience like? Are there any other tours coming up?

It was my very first big tour and it was incredibly exciting! It was a huge learning experience as well. There’s so much more to touring than people think, but it’s all very worth it. I met so many amazing people and saw incredibly cute towns and venues. I’ll never forget it. As for 2020 tours, you’ll see very soon. hint hint. 

Lastly, when can we expect more music and what do you want to leave your fans who are reading with?

More music is coming very soon. I have so many plans for 2020 and it definitely includes singles, music videos, and an EP. It’s all about growth and this is only the beginning!