KAVIAR's Characters Exercise their Words Like Veterans Over 'Pharoah'

Pharoah is a collaboration between DJ and songwriter, Philly-Mac, artist and entertainer, Leigh, and André AKA Dreethoven, who delivers the expressly focused productions in KAVIAR's brand of trippy hip-hop and R&B amalgamating style. But here, Pharoah, in natural shape, is intriguing and newfangled.

The sixteenth-note rhythmic patterns attuned with abounding and saturated sub synth that blends like a kick drum before animating the area encompassing it with scintillating detachments: panning thirty-second note spindrifts, enigmatic vocal harmonies hovering in the background, and the chirp of our protagonist's voices over the receiver static. 

The most profound punches found within Pharoah penetrate through the quiet persecution found in the abrupt interlude of speech. "...That's black magic, stretch marks in the form of lightning...not voodoo, it ain't witchcraft," she expresses as the song pauses, "that's my mama, that's cornbread fed, some southern roots, others from the islands" fixing towards the unyielding message that finds its fulfillment in the interludes completion: "but gunned down and handcuffed for the same thing they do.".

She expresses the angle with which society always arrives back to in some variation, unwinding with conviction: "gawking over the benefits we call them vultures," and "it's only equal when it's for the culture.". It's a severe song with complete transparency over the issue—fatality rate, injustice, and issues of identity within the country itself. "Black...it's pure it's king it's queen, it's black magic," there are no easy away around it, as KAVIAR resurface with a rallying spirit for the final segments of "Pharoah". Here, "black and proud" is the closing mantra, and it lands vitally.

Listen to "Pharoah" here.

Thanks for joining us guys. This song couldn't have come during a more pressing time. Was there a feeling of urgency during the creation of this song, given the current events surrounding our side of the planet?

We had originally planned for 'Pharaoh' to debut in 2021. African Americans have always faced oppression, racism, and injustice since the country was founded. The climate of current events is so polarizing that we pushed back our other releases to share how we feel now. The bias and lack of accountability by police officers against civilians have been ignored for far too long. We are still fighting, working, and protesting for change in all shapes and forms that we can. Pharaoh is us speaking from our pain and experience that we encounter every day for living while black. We wanted our fans to embrace the image of resilience and royalty that has always resided within all of us. This is our way of continuing the conversation! How did you collaborate together on this track? Was this more of a domino effect process—where one of your ideas laid into someone else's for the production—or did it happen more uniformly than that?

It was a domino effect! Dre had started the production and pieces fell into place! We had an idea of doing a conscious track that led us to Pharaoh. Leigh heard D. Simone's poem and instantly knew it was essential for the tone. We needed a black woman’s perspective and voice to be heard in our message. It’s a reminder of our real heritage and beginnings. Where did all your paths align for this project, and how do you each manage to instill your own distinct personalities through each of your records?

This project we felt needed to hear now! The three of us agreed on the message that we wanted to convey and proceeded forward with our perspective. We are very proud of Pharaoh! We understand how each of us works creatively and that allows us to build and let each individual personality shine. We give each other the space to be creative and critique each other to bring the best quality we can for every project! Every song we craft has that special Kaviar feel!

What are you hoping for in the new year as the summer hastily rushes to its climax? Can we expect any more from you in the final weeks of August?

The coming new year we're hoping to reconnect with our supporters and friends! We want to see everyone at our shows and events when it's safe! In addition, we’d also love for our supporters to engage with us on socials, be sure to tune in to our live performances! We have something great in the works now! So, expect to hear us in all of your speakers with new music soon! We'll drop a release date on our social media to let everyone know when the time is right! Do you have any advice on how to stay inspired throughout these difficult times in the world?

Our advice to all creatives is to indulge in things that interest you and take your unique perspective! Put yourself in a creative space and let yourself experience it because it’s only you that can express your story. Make sure to surround yourself with energy that builds you up and provides a space to be 100 percent unapologetically you!