Kay Soul Is "Not Alone For The Holidays"

Kay Soul is a recording artist, songwriter, and aspiring plus-size model that thrives in the realm of R&B. She began her musical journey in elementary school and, by the time she was 19, had recorded her first solo song.

The Chicago-based, empowering figure continues to release a meaningful message in the music that she crafts. Being a serious contender in the rising R&B scene, you can find Kay Soul delivering heartfelt performances rich in charisma.

Being a vision in red, the classic film tones of black and white cinema make a holiday pop as Kay Soul appears on your screen for the film component of "Not Alone for the Holidays." The brilliant piano progressions gently trickle into the speakers as the graceful masterpiece embodies every hopeful aspect of the holiday season.

Immediately showcasing her traditional R&B tenors as her soothing vocal performance grasps onto your soul, the sonic and visual pairing makes for a remarkable voyage in the artistic direction of Kay Soul. There's much to feast on when dissecting the lyrical motifs her heart bears. As we take in wistful wording such as 'some food on the stove and some wood in the fireplace,' the simplistic moments of happiness flood our ears with vivid imagery. Kay Soul provides a holiday-filled music video that lets the imagery speak for itself as it pairs with our thought rendition.

Through her captivating presence, we're drawn right into the time capsule of tender notions. Continuing to push forth a narrative that presents Kay Soul not wanting to be alone for the holidays, this is a storyline that we all feel deep to our core. With a worldwide fan base by her side, we know that Kay Soul will be in our warm hearts this Christmas.