Kay Soul Releases “Blood In My Veins” and Raw Energy is Coursing Through Ours

A heavy downbeat on Kay Souls' new song "Blood in my Veins," drags her listeners down into this dark and gritty R&B track. Kay Soul's vocals envelop your body with sultry and soulful ballads. These multi-instrumental compositions go best when paired with raw, cut to the chase lyrics. Kay Soul does just that. "Blood In My Veins," tells the story of a broken heart on display for all, and with that vulnerability comes a way back to inner peace. "In the background an organ plays heavenly gospel hymn like notes, while Kay Soul's voice is front and center preaching for her listeners: "When darkness falls, demons will creep in, down on my knees, lord help me please." Music has been a lifelong endeavor for Kay Soul. Singing and writing songs since elementary school; she recorded her first solo at the age of 19. Since then, she's released several projects, one of which featured with us at BuzzMusic in 2019 for "What Love Can Do." Kay Soul continues to surpass our expectations, delivering hard-hitting poignant material, she connects with her listeners on an emotional level. Kay Soul is currently working on her latest album "In My Mind," and we have no doubt the fished product will be a direct reflection of Kay's positive message of finding beauty in your broken places. Experience "Blood In My Veins" here.