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Kay Soul Shines a Light Upon Us All Once Again

After a year of growth and self-reflection, KaySoul is back to show us the experience she’s gathered. Her new song “Blood In My Veins” tells the story of her struggles in discovering a unique healing process that would help her through past hurts. Kay Soul found her love for singing at church and references the bible in much of her music.

With this, Kay strives to promote positivity and faith through her songs, and the energy she emits will leave a legacy for her fans. Vulnerable and heartwarming, Kay’s music will leave you speechless and full of sentiment. Not to mention the powerful vocal abilities and musicality shining through each and every lyric with every song she writes. Kay Soul’s music was made to preserver through tough times. Don’t miss out on her new song, “Blood In My Veins.”

Check out "Blood In My Veins" here.



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