Kayla Nichols Releases A Compelling Story Behind Her Music

Kayla Nichols is a Blues, Rock n Roll & Instrumentalist based out of Redding, California. Her sound is the fusion of old-school blues, rock and pop. It has a cutting, electric driven vibe that is inspired by past and present blues rock & roll icons: B.B. King, Gary Clark Jr., Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, The Black Keys, Greta Van Fleet, and Janis Joplin. Through her music, she desires to give people something real and relatable that will lift them off the ground and infuse them with hope and freedom to live life to the full from how loved they are.

Kayla Nichols released an incredibly intriguing short film documentary that tells the story behind her album. In the video, you see Kayla Nichols going through the creative motions of the project while also proceeding to give dialogue on the inspiration and meaning behind the project. This was compelling for me because it showed me a side of the artist that was more authentic and raw opposed to fabrication and transparent. She allows you to see the vulnerability behind the artistry and it was magnificent and drawn my attention to not only the documentary and Kayla Nichols but the music itself. Everything about this felt more organic and it’s something I wish more artists would do. The vibes of the video had a grunge aesthetic which is similar to the style of music Kayla releases. The video was a brave display of courage and authenticity with a raw, insight on the thoughts and feelings of Kayla Nichols alongside the passion she has for her music, and the way she takes the feelings and thoughts of her listeners into consideration. For me, this makes Kayla Nichols an incredibly relatable artist and I’m excited to see what else she has to offer us. If she spent meticulous time crafting together a documentary, what else could she possibly execute? A hidden gem, Kayla Nichols is more than artist but a creator who we need to be on the lookout for!

Watch Kayla's short film here or below, and keep scrolling for our interview with Kayla!