Kayla SiMaya Stuns Us With New Single "Set The Tone"

Kayla SiMaya is an R&B singer and songwriter based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from North Carolina, Kayla is known for mixing the vibe of R&B with the lyricism of hip hop. Currently, she’s working on her EP called “25 Roses”, studying songwriting at the Berklee College of Music, and becoming a more and more familiar face for the people of Atlanta.

BuzzMusic is happy to release Kayla SiMaya’s new single “Set the Tone”, which is available on all major music platforms. This song certainly sets the tone, and that’s one of relaxation, contemplation, and sheer bliss. Every element of this song, from the beats, the vocals, and the production induces a soothing atmosphere that someone can easily become lost in. The detail of every element in this song seems to indicate that this young artist has talent beyond her years.

Listen to “Set the Tone” here, and you’ll set a great tone for the rest of your day!

Don't forget to check the artists exclusive interview below!

Hey Kayla! Nice to chat with you. Would you mind telling us a bit about your background and how you got involved with music and songwriting?

Thank you for having me! My musical journey is rather interesting in my o